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This interview conclusively exposes scientific elite's true agenda, world-wide genocide and the formation of a global government to rule.

Historian and author Webster Tarpley exposes how White House science advisor John P. Holdren, who infamously co-wrote a 1977 textbook in which he advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children, is a Malthusian fanatic in the tradition of the arcane anti-human ideology that originated amongst British aristocracy in the 19th century.

Holdren calls himself a “neo-Malthusian” in his own book, and as Tarpley explains, is a historical pessimist who has rejected the idea that America and humanity as a whole can progress through ingenuity, industry and economic growth. Instead, Holdren sees humankind as a cancer upon the earth. Holdren wants to set up a “Science Court,” where potential developments could be blocked by government decree if they don’t conform to the planned society necessary under Holdren’s “planetary regime”. He also seeks to institute “de-development” worldwide to prevent the third world from ever lifting itself out of poverty and roll things back to “pre-industrial civilization” where average life spans would not be much more than 30 years.
Holdren’s co-author, Paul Ehrlich, is a discredited crank who wrote books in the 70′s claiming that England would not exist as a land mass by the year 2000 because of climate change. As Tarpley explains, Ehrlich’s warning of a “population bomb” has proven incorrect, with population in Europe, Japan and the United States falling when immigration is removed from the equation. - more on depop agenda see -
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Webster Griffin Tarpley is an American author, historian, economist, journalist, lecturer and a critic of the U.S. foreign and domestic policy. He is a member of the Democratic Party and a former member of the U.S. Labor Party.
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