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Saturday, April 15, 2017

ISIS update 4/15/2017...Iraqi troops attack Daesh defense lines

Iraqi troops attack Daesh defense lines

ISIS terrorists using car bombs to attack Iraqi forces | Mosul 2017

Syria's evacuation deal in effect

Thousands of Syrians stranded around besieged towns

Report from Deir ez-Zor | April 14th 2017 (ANNA News)

Syrian War Report – April 14, 2017: ISIS Chemical Weapons Depot Blew Up Near Deir Ezzor?

US-Backed Fighters Advance towards Key Town Near Raqqa

US 'can create any story as a pre-text' to start military campaign - Assad’s key advisor

Lavrov slams chemical weapon watchdog over Syria

US War Veteran: I stand behind Assad a 100%

Kurdish Forces Hand over More Villages to Syrian Army in Northern Aleppo
Militant: Ankara Annexing Parts of Northern Syria to Turkey
Syria's Coastal Missile Systems on Alert to Respond to US Strikes
Iranian DM: IRGC Navy to Receive New Cruise Missiles
Commander: Iran Mounting Night Vision Systems on Helicopters
Iran Unveils First Home-Made Training Jet, New Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
Russian Fighter Jets Carry out Several Combat Flights over Terrorist Centers in Hama
Key Town in Western Damascus Comes under Full Control of Syrian Army
Syrian Air Force Heavily Pounds ISIL Bases Near Iraqi Borders

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