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Monday, June 29, 2015

X22Report Greece's Economic Disaster May Spread To Other Countries - Episode 704

▶ Greece's Economic Disaster May Spread To Other Countries - Episode 704 - YouTube


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Report date: 6.29.2015

Bankers now pushing falsehoods to cover up the Greek problem. Greeks
are protesting against austerity. Greece will open 700 branches and will
allow pension withdrawals only. S&P downgrades Greece and predicts a
default. Puerto Rico reports that they cannot pay their debts. Some
Italian banks stay closed on Monday. White House says Greece problem
will not effect US Banks. Central banks of central banks says not
prepared for a major collapse. Obama sign TAA fast track. Ukraine
positions tanks to the contact line. US intelligence reporting (no real
facts) Assad is getting ready to use an unknown chemicals in a chemical
attack. Turkey now setting up a buffer zone in Syria.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Bix Weir ...WARNING from Greece: Get Your Money Out of the Banks!

▶ WARNING from Greece: Get Your Money Out of the Banks! | Bix Weir - YouTube


- Greece’s banks shut down today, along with Greece’s stock and bond market ►0:15
- Europe to collapse first, then crisis hits the entire world ►4:52
- It's time to get money out of the system! ►7:06
- Precious metal market still 100% manipulated ►9:59
- Bitcoin to rise during the collapse? ►12:19
Viewers Questions:
- BitGold? ►14:52
- Will the COMEX run out of gold and settle in cash? ►17:51
- Will the silver price fall because of lowered industrial demand during the economic collapse? ►20:20
- Could a debt-settlement between the world's governments prevent a collapse? ►22:56

Yemen update 6\29\2015..Ansarullah will submit complaint to the lCC at the Hague against the Saudis

Saudi jets hit road construction company in Hajjah province

At least 15 killed in fresh air strikes by Saudi military on Yemen

Over a dozen including children killed in fresh Saudi attacks on Yemen

Bahraini Authorities imprisons an opposition figure for slamming Saudi war on Yemen

US Shrugs Off Recognition of Hadi's Envoy to Washington

The US is shunning acceptance and recognition of an envoy that fugitive President Mansour Hadi has sent to Washington as Yemen's new ambassador, a senior diplomat disclosed.

The US Department of State has decided to delay accepting the credentials of Hadi's ambassador for an unspecified period, the al-Arabi al-Jadid newspaper quoted a diplomat in Yemen's embassy in Washington as saying.

The unnamed source said that Hadi has threatened that he would seek political asylum in the US if Washington refrains from accepting his designated ambassador.

Last week, informed sources revealed Saudi Arabia's attempts to change Yemen's currency after Eid al-Fitr to start an economic war against Ansarullah and the Yemeni army.

GREECE COLLAPSE ..Christopher Greene says Worst Case Scenario Unfolding

▶ GREECE COLLAPSE: Worst Case Scenario Unfolding - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (6-29-15)

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (6-29-15) - YouTube



What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday June 29 2015

▶ What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday June 29 2015: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube


Ron Gibson

Watching The Hawks [55] Sneaky TPP, Legally Lethal Injection, SpaceXplosion, and Athens in disarray.

▶ [55] Sneaky TPP, Legally Lethal Injection, SpaceXplosion, and Athens in disarray. - YouTube

Karen Hudes..The Network of Global Corporate Control June 2 & 23

The Network of Global Corporate Control June 2 & 23 - YouTube

DCTV Series Live Segments on Karen's June 1 testimony to DC Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, International Court of Justice, Committee of 300 & CIA's attempt to steal gold in Global Debt Facility, Greece & Global Currency Reset Executive Producer & Host Karen Hudes Producer & Director Carmen Stanley VTR and Audio Maurice Jackson Floor Director Kofi Tendai

WikiLeaks says NSA snooped on French economic officials

▶ NSA snooped on French economic officials – WikiLeaks - YouTube

The NSA is involved in economic espionage, with a focus on the economic relations between the US and the French, the country’s business practices and much more, according to revelations by WikiLeaks. Alexey Yaroshevsky takes a look at the new information.

Alex Jones and Lionel breakdown how they would destroy America if they were globalist sociopaths

If I Were To Destroy America - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Monday (6-29-15) Lionel

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Monday (6-29-15) Lionel - YouTube



Published on Jun 29, 2015

Alex Jones Show: Monday (6-29-15) Lionel

Alex Jones Show: Monday (6-29-15) Lionel - YouTube




this Monday, June 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show we take a look at
an absurd fake poll signed by Americans to ban the American flag in the
name of combating racism and replacing it with a pyramid to "signify the
new world order.” We also cover the ominous closure of Greek banks and
the beginning of the end for the eurozone, a warning by BIS that the
world is defenseless against the coming global financial crisis, and the
First Amendment Defense Act designed to prevent the state from cracking
down on business owners opposed the SCOTUS ruling last week on same-sex
marriage. On today’s broadcast we talk with Lionel, an Emmy
award-winning media news decoder and legal analyst.
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Paul Sandhu says Greece Imposes Capital Controls but Stay Calm no need to panic

06 29 2015 Greece Imposes Capital Controls but Stay Calm no need to panic - YouTube


Greece shut its banks and imposed capital controls in an announcement
designed to avert the collapse of its financial system, heightening the
risk it will be forced out of the euro. European stocks and Greek bonds

The measures, which were announced in the dead of night,
limit daily cash withdrawals to 60 euros ($66) and ban payments and
transfers abroad. The stock market and banks will be closed at least
until July 6, the day after Greeks will vote in a referendum on
proposals needed to restore bailout aid.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras struck a defiant tone as he announced the move in a televised statement and on Twitter.

#FalseFlag Alert! FBI, DHS Issue 4th of July 'Terror Threat' Warning

▶ FF Alert! FBI, DHS Issue 4th of July 'Terror Threat' Warning - YouTube

US federal authorities have issued a
terror threat warning to local law enforcement officials nationwide for
the July 4 holiday, according to an anonymous US official cited by local

No specific or credible threat has yet been indicated,
but intel gathered by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI
told local law enforcement authorities about threats from Islamic State
and other terrorist groups, USA Today reported.

The warning comes
days after three deadly attacks in Tunisia, France, and Kuwait, in
which scores of civilians were killed. Islamic State (IS, formerly
ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the three attacks.

has been dubbed “a day of terror” in the media followed IS calls for
war on infidels. The terrorist group has urged attacks by “Muslims
everywhere” during the holy month of Ramadan.

On Friday,
commenting on the attacks, Department of Homeland Security Secretary,
Jeh Johnson said local authorities were "vigilant and prepared'' ahead
of the celebrations on July 4. 

Al Etejah News 29/06/2015

▶ News 29/06/2015 - YouTube

Gregory Mannarino WARNING! Contagion, Financial Meltdown, Global Economic Collapse NOW!

WARNING! Contagion, Financial Meltdown, Global Economic Collapse NOW! By Gregory Mannarino - YouTube


MUST READ ARTICLE! "The world is now staring into an economic abyss unlike anything ever seen in history, and a global economic meltdown truly epic in scale."

Global debt saturation has indeed hit critical mass.

In a very surprising turn of events, every last ditch effort to thwart a Greek financial/economic meltdown has failed. With no real solution even possible, it appears that the end is here as the gargantuan global debt bubble has topped out.

The issue here is not a just Greek problem but an insurmountable, unfixable debt bubble which has the entire world and every single developed nation in it's hideous grip. As this debt Frankenstein begins to manifest itself, the peoples of the world are going to get a horrific dose of reality.

If now is in fact the time when this entire financial scheme of unsound money ends, the entire global landscape including a mass "correction" in human population is at hand. Click here: Global Debt And The Human Bubble.

World central banks have fostered, created, and allowed to manifest a malignant threat to every human being on this planet by inflating a financial debt bubble which is the greatest threat to human life bar none.

Moreover, the day of reckoning may be here...keep reading here ...

ISIS update 6\29\2015..Putin says no change in support for Syria

Developing Terror State? One year on ISIS shows no signs of stopping

Putin pledges his support for Syrian President Bashar Assad

Putin says no change in support for Syria

Syrian Army Air Force releases a video of airstrikes on jihadi forces in Syria.

Syrian Rebel Fail Compilation

Peshmerga Steps On Landmine, Walks Away From It

Shia Militia and Iraqi Police Battle for Baiji

Ex-Commander Asks Ankara to Support Assad to Settle Crisis in Northern Syria

Former Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces Mehmet Ilker Basbug called on Ankara to revise its policies and support President Bashar al-Assad's government in settling the crisis in Northern Syria.

"Fighting the ISIL in Northern Syria should be pursued by the Syrian government forces," Basbug said on Monday.

He asked the Turkish government to improve and normalize relations with the Damascus government, and said, "If Turkey comes to support the central government in Syria, finding a proper solution to settle the crisis in Northern Syria will be easier."

His remarks came after certain Arab media claimed on Sunday that Turkey is paving the ground for military intervention in Syria amid the Syrian army and Kurdish forces' united operations to defend their lands against the ISIL in the Northeastern city of Hasaka.

The London-based al-Hayat newspaper reported that 12,000 Turkish forces are ready for military intervention in Syria under the pretext of creating a buffer zone to protect the Turkish borders against the threat of the terrorist groups.

It also added that the Kurdish forces deployed in Hasaka have joined the Syrian government forces to fight against the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern parts of the country.

The Syrian government confirmed on Saturday that the army troops have secured Hasaka, rejecting reports that the ISIL terrorists are still in control of the main buildings there.

The Syrian government issued a statement on Saturday, saying that Hasaka is now safe and the army soldiers are cleansing the city from the remnants of the Takfiri militants.

Syria in Last 24 Hours: People Protest against ISIL's Presence in Reqqa

The terrorist-held areas in Reqqa province were the scenes of protests against the presence of Takfiri terrorists.

People poured to the streets of the city of Reqqa and rallied against the presence of terrorist groups in their city.

The ISIL terrorists arrested 300 residents of Reqqa city and they started shooting at people to disperse them which led to the injury of several of the residents.

Also in the past 24 hours, military sources said on Sunday that several terrorist groups ran away from the battlefield in Southern Syria.

Novorossia/ Ukraine update 6\29\ line is heating up

Ukrainian Army's Unorthodox Method of Battling Rampant Alcoholism within its Ranks

Mil-Prosecutor of Ukraine - gruesome details of torture in " Tornado" police unit [ENG Voice] 18+

Ukraine MPs and officials discuss torture in "Tornado" and terr-battalions [ENG Voiceover] 18+

Getting to know the Militia #25 - "Amazon" (Masha)

Here's the Difference Between Russian and Western Civilizations - Nikolay Starikov

Exclusive Interview: 'Ukraine is one of Israel's most important partners'

NATO impressed by Ukraine military development

The Heart of the Donbass

Residents of Donetsk informed that AFU fired at Oktyabrsky from the settlement Peski at 20:25. There was a shooting battle in the area of ​​Peski at that time.

20:54 Residents of Gorlovka reported that fighting was going on at 19:50 in Krasny Partizan (west). Heavy machine guns, mortars, AGLs were used.

20:51 Local residents report that there were shooting battles near the settlement Maryinka-Trudovskiye at 19:25.

19:51 Local residents reported that there was shooting battle near the settlement Starognatovka with mortars at 18:49.

19:09 AFU conducted reconnaissance in force to the west of Gorlovka (Krasny Partizan) at 04:00 to check weaknesses for a breakthrough. Militia positions came under fire from Verkhnetoretskoye. Ukrainian military used large caliber self-propelled mortar unit and AGLs. AFN army repulsed attacks. There are losses. The amount is not specified. The losses of the AFU was not reported.

TUNISIA ATTACK: Cameron Wants Minute Silence As Reports Of SECOND GUNMAN Emerge_Kev Baker

TUNISIA ATTACK: Cameron Wants Minutes Silence As Reports Of SECOND GUNMAN Emerge - YouTube




There are reports of a second gunman involved in the attack - surprise surprise!

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Greek debt line: banks close, ATM lines mount & IMF payment looms