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Monday, July 25, 2016

Reports of US warplane downed by ISIS west of Anbar Iraq

Reports of US warplane downed by ISIS

Local sources report that a US jet was downed by Islamic State militants
in the vicinity of Ain Al-Assad base west of Anbar. The reports remain
unconfirmed as no video footage or pictures have been published. Though,
the event has been reported by ISIS’s media wing, Amaq.

Benjamin Fulford says Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

The final game plan of the Rothschilds was to reverse the results of World War I by reinstating the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian monarchies, sources in Germany and the US agree. The plan that is now unfolding in Europe calls for a civil war against a “Muslim” enemy. The so-called “Muslim” terrorists are being financed with money supposed to be spent on fighting so-called carbon induced global warming, the sources ad. This is why we are seeing daily “Muslim” terror attacks that seem to always involve “lone wolves” who die in the attack. That way there is no need to have a messy trial where facts might have a chance of intruding into the public mind.

In any case the sources say that after a summer of increasingly severe terrorist attacks, European bank ATMs will be shut down, possibly in August or September. It is at this point where the royal families will present themselves as “saviors” and provide the people with huge amounts of fiat money and “security,” in exchange for the reinstatement of their monarchies.

The reinstated European royalty will be headed by a German “Kaiser” (Caesar) who will have four kings will be appointed under him, they say. The candidate for Kaiser will probably come from either the Habsburg or Hohenzollern royal families, they note. That means Karl Habsburg or the Hohenzollern Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia. Another candidate they mention is Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen.

The Tsar of Russia would be most likely Prince Michael of Kent

because he has the most Romanov blood of all the European royals.

This fits in with what Russian sources have long told us and that is that Vladimir Putin was put in power by a faction in the KGB that was loyal to the Russian royal family.

This move combined with the push by Turkey’s Recep Erdogan to restore the Ottoman Turkish Empire would, if successful, restore the German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish empires; essentially bringing Europe and the Near-East back to the situation that existed before World War I.

So, a hundred year plot to reverse the Anglo-American victory in World War I has now been un-masked.

The Brexit vote in this context means the British Royal Family will not have to fall under the rule of the restored monarchies of Europe.

The question of course is, will the European people passively agree to be terrorized and financially blackmailed into restoring these bloodlines to formal power? We may well find out this summer and autumn. In the meantime expect a Gladio frenzy of increasingly lurid false flag attacks and well-financed, violent demonstrations. It is also a good bet that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will lose power later this year.

Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that
“the boys in DC must indict Killary.”

Since the Democratic Party Presidential Convention started this week with a big “Russian” e-mail leak about how Democratic Party brass rigged things for Hillary Clinton, there can be no doubt a serious power struggle is underway in Washington DC. Democratic Party National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was fingered in the e-mail leak, has said she will resign “after the convention.” CIA sources say it is very likely she will be killed soon to stop her from testifying about how she stole the election for Clinton.

The Pentagon and agencies have already forced both the Democratic and Republican parties to promise they will restore the Glass-Steagall act. This means a forced end to the crooked casino that the Bush/Clinton faction of the Khazarian mafia had turned the US financial system into.
The P2 Freemason lodge also forced Hillary to accept Tim Kaine, a Jesuit, as her candidate for Vice President, CIA sources say. Since Trump is also supported by the Jesuits and P2, this means they have both side covered in the US now. So, as the Soviets used to say during the cold war, the Americans can choose between Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola, but you can be certain wine, tea, coffee etc. will never be on the ballot.

A clear indication of how corrupt and decadent the US system has become can be seen in Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry acting as a shill for Satanic chemical corporations like Dupont. Kerry was in Vienna last Friday saying “air-conditioners were as big a threat to life as terrorism.” What is happening is that 17 years have elapsed since the Dupont Corporation and its crime partners got fluorine gas to be banned just as their patent on it was expiring. Their BS fluorine caused ozone hole story fooled just about everybody at the time. Now, the patent on their replacement for fluorine, hydroflourocarbons (CFCs) is expiring too, so their moronic slave Kerry is being paraded out in front of world dignitaries to argue that banning CFCs will “literally save life on the planet itself.”

What he really means is that it will save his chemical buddies annual $20 billion or so in revenue on selling patented refrigerants for the worlds air-conditioners, refrigerators etc. What sort of degenerate political system is it that gets the foreign minister of what used to be the world’s greatest country to tell outright lies on behalf of corporations so that they can swindle money out of people in poor countries who desperately need air-conditioning? It is a system so corrupt it must be overthrown.

Speaking about which, there has been response to the one ton gold bounty placed on many of the top bosses of the Khazarian mafia by the White Dragon Society. The US special forces command has contacted the WDS to ask for written bounty notices that can be presented to persons on the list. They want this because they do not want to start a “sheepdog on sheepdog” situation where special forces fight each other as some try to protect the people on the list and others try to arrest them.

These documents are being prepared and the special forces will operate in harmony to carry out the anti-Khazarian mafia mission. The bounties will be issued by the Planetary Liberation Army general command in conjunction with the WDS.

The WDS also knows it will lose face if some action is not taken after the deadline given to the Rothschilds expires at midnight Hawaii time on July 25th. Since the Rothschilds are now hiding in Switzerland, there may be a delay before action is taken but it will be taken.

Nathan Rothschild, who originally agreed to meet with the WDS, has publicly announced he is not inviting his father to his wedding to make it clear the blockage of a deal is the responsibility of his father and uncles, not him.

For this reason, the one ton gold bounty on Nathan has been suspended. Also, Asian secret societies, even though they suffered destruction of irreplaceable cultural treasures like the Summer Palace, do not want to destroy priceless artworks, the heritage of all humanity, to get a few old men. That means the complex in Zug, Switzerland will not be hit with a missile. Instead, expect “precision surgery,” they say.

The Rothschilds may be thinking the recent ruling against China in the South China Sea can be used to manipulate the US military and its allies into war with China. Certainly Pentagon sources feel they have right on their side now that a court ruling has been made. So there is definitely going to be some heavy brinkmanship ahead as the US is threating to send a multinational naval task force to the South China Sea to enforce the ruling, Pentagon sources say.

The Chinese meanwhile argue the tribunal was a “political farce,” and noted that none of its 5 members was Asian or knew much about Asian history or culture.

Nonetheless, the Chinese have agreed to let Singapore arbitrate on the South China Sea issue with ASEAN. Since Singapore is regional CIA and MI6 headquarters, it is clear the Chinese are looking for a compromise.

Of course this whole South China Sea thing is just a pretext for the Rothschilds to play their US military might card in the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the Rockefeller and Rothschilds’ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and UNITED NATIONS corporations. The Republic of the United States is not bankrupt and must not let itself be manipulated in this manner by owners of a corporation based in Washington DC.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, repercussions from the failed coup attempt in Turkey are continuing to be felt in many ways. Pentagon sources say Turkish President Recep Erdogan “may have signed his own death warrant since 90 US nukes and 1500 US airmen are potential hostages at Incirlik” airbase. The Pentagon sources also say Turkey may have turned East but it was “still under the watchful eyes of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria because nobody trusts Erdogan.”

However, the Pentagon sources also say the Bush cabal is “reeling from the loss of CIA drug flights to and from Incirlik.”

The other thing that has happened in the Middle East is that Russia sent a drone over Israel to systematically gather intelligence about Israeli military deployment. Furthermore the drone was able to disable 3 Israeli missiles, making it clear they have total air superiority and that the Israel Defense Forces are “sitting ducks.” Israel is now expected to become a Jewish autonomous zone within the restored Caliphate. Their attempt to malign moderate Islam by creating a fake radical Islamic ISIS boogey-man has failed.

ISIS update 7/25/2016..ISIS fighters captured while fleeing besieged town dressed as women

At least 18 martyred in Iraq's Shiite district of Kadhimiyah .2016/07/24

Suicide bomber kills at least 12 at checkpoint north of Baghdad

U.S. airstrikes strike Jihadists in Syria and Iraq

Syrian army continues operations around Aleppo, Damascus

ISIS fighters captured while fleeing besieged town dressed as women

The video begins with the men sitting in front of the opposition fighters, with their faces still covered. They are then shown walking with their face veils removed, and eventually stripping down to their underwear.

One of the captured fighters said he was a sniper, according to Storyful news verification service, as cited by Middle East Eye.

The attempted escape came after the Manbij Military Council (MMC) – part of the SDF - gave IS fighters 48 hours to leave the strategic town with their “individual weapons” on Thursday, saying that was their last chance to leave alive.

"This initiative is the last remaining chance for besieged members of Daesh [Arabic acronym for IS] to leave the town,” the MMC said, as quoted by AFP.

Most IS fighters ignored the warning, remaining in the city and using civilians as human shields.

Ahead of the 48-hour warning, at least 56 civilians were allegedly killed by coalition airstrikes in Manbij, located in the east of Aleppo province. Reports of the civilian casualties prompted the head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) to urge the US-led coalition to suspend its aerial campaign against IS.

HUGE Fire Engulfs Izmir Air Station, Izmir, Turkey


Aleppo: Syrian Military Forces Win back More Lands in Al-Lairamoun

Syrian Army Preparing for Large-Scale Anti-Terrorism Operation in Western Damascus

Syrian Army, Popular Forces Win back More Positions in Northern Aleppo

Two ISIL Bases in Deir Ezzur Destroyed by Syrian Army

Turkey Thanks Russia for "Unconditional Support" during Botched Coup

Syria: Gov't Forces Take back More Heights from ISIL in Hama Province

Bernie gets booed by own supporters after saying "We Must Elect Hillary!"

Bernie Gets Booed To Hell By His Own Supporters After Saying "We Must Elect Hillary!" - YouTube

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange on Releasing DNC Emails That Ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz

EXCLUSIVE: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange on Releasing DNC Emails That Ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz - YouTube

Killer Mike Addresses Bernie Sanders Delegates At DNC 7/25/16

Killer Mike Addresses Bernie Sanders Delegates At DNC 7/25/16 - YouTube

Why Democrats Plan To Make Sure Hillary Clinton Loses The Election _ Luke Rudkowski

Why Democrats Plan To Make Sure Hillary Clinton Loses The Election - YouTube

Clinton Delegate Explains how Democrats Will Ban All Guns

Exclusive Video: Clinton Delegate Explains how Democrats Will Ban All Guns » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Editor’s note: This is a Project Veritas exclusive in association with Infowars. James O’Keefe will be on the Alex Jones Show today at noon CST to discuss the story.

If your goal is an outright gun ban, you need to use terms such as “common sense gun legislation” to fool the public, a Hillary Clinton campaign delegate admitted in a recent undercover sting video released exclusively to Infowars.

“Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to piss everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate, Mary Bayer, told a Project Veritas reporter.

Instead, Bayer revealed, Democrats use “moderate” language when it comes to guns to obscure their true purpose, a complete elimination of the Second Amendment.

“You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’” Bayer told the reporter, adding, “You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.”

Bayer also admitted Hillary “for sure” would support banning guns, and said the only way to actualize that goal would be to “get Democrats in office.”

The delegate’s admission is particularly concerning given the fact that Clinton campaigns on the promise of enacting “common sense approaches” to gun control if elected president in November.

Bayer’s revelations of a potential gun ban are also reminiscent of sentiments made public in 2014 by Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik, once a member of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” who warned that the billionaire’s anti-gun group – largely comprised of Democrat mayors and which advocated “common sense gun laws” – was a cover for gun confiscation.

“Under the guise of helping mayors facing a crime and drug epidemic, MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens,” Tkazyik penned in an op-ed for the Poughkeepsie Journal, confirming what many already suspected about the group.

The latest damning sting video follows another Project Veritas effort in which reporters posing as the group “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” asked anti-gun politicians if they would display signs on their front lawns declaring their homes “Gun free zones.”

Unsurprisingly, none of the politicians wanted the sign displayed at their homes.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe says his organization will also be seeking additional support for his anti-gun effort from delegates at the Democrat National Convention this week in Philadelphia.

Erdogan holds meeting with political party leaders after Turkey failed coup

Turkey failed coup: Erdogan holds meeting with political party leaders - YouTube

Newsbud Breaking News Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC)

Newsbud Breaking News Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC) - YouTube


The three most important regiments involved in the Turkey Attempted Coup plot and implementation have been part (members) of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC) since 2003.

A group of plotters of the failed Turkish Coup Attempt used a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other. Based on well-documented information and established identities gathered from these intercepted communications, at least three out of the five coupist regiments were (and still are) part of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps. Further, the group used the emblem and slogan used by NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps: “Peace at home, peace in the world.”

The intercepted communications also expose the role of the CIA-Gulen network within Turkey’s police force, and how it readily welcomed and aided the Failed Coup Attempt.

Newsbud news with Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras delves into this significant exposé and provides viewers with context and analyses missing from western media outlets.

Show notes


DeBoRaH WaSSeRMaN SCHuLTZ... | Zero Hedge


Mornings With "V" (07/25/2016) - Another Manic Monday

Mornings With "V" (07/25/2016) - Another Manic Monday - YouTube

UK Column Monday 25/07/2016: The decline of population One

UK Column Monday 25/07/2016: The decline of population One. - YouTube

DNC Delegates Revolt _Luke Rudkowski

DNC Delegates Revolt - YouTube

Debbie Wasserman Schultz BOOED OFF STAGE at DNC By Florida Delegation

Debbie Wasserman Schultz FULL SPEECH: BOOED OFF STAGE at DNC By Florida Delegation 7/25/16 - YouTube



Turkey continues crackdown after failed coup attempt, implicating supposed NATO ally, the US

The Purge: Turkish govt continues crackdown after failed coup attempt - YouTube

Angela Merkel tries to reassure frightened German citizens after fourth recent attack

Angela Merkel tries to reassure frightened German citizens after fourth recent attack - YouTube

Sorcha Faal says Putin Orders “Full Defense” Of Trump, Authorizes All Hillary Clinton Emails Released

Putin Orders “Full Defense” Of Trump, Authorizes All Hillary Clinton Emails Released

by: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A sensational Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin has ended the “war of words” between Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov and Chairwoman of the Council of Federation Valentina Matviyenko over issues relating to top secret and confidential emails obtained from, and relating to, former US Secretary of State, and current presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton by ordering their release to the public—and has further ordered that all state ministries should now be acting in “full defense” of American billionaire Donald Trump. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, and as we had reported on in our 6 May report Kremlin War Erupts Over Release Of Top Secret Hillary Clinton Emails, an intense Security Council argument had erupted this past year over the correct disposition of Hillary Clinton emails—with FSB Director Bortnikov advocating their being kept secret in order to in the future blackmail Hillary Clinton should she become the US president, but, Chairwoman Matviyenko arguing they should be released to the public to ensure the election of Donald Trump.

The tens-of-thousands of Hillary Clinton emails possessed by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), it should be remembered, were first able to be obtained, in 2011, when SVR computer intelligence experts discovered that a Romanian computer hacker named Marcel Lazăr Lehel (aka Guccifer) was attempting to break into the computer system of the Federation funded RT television network.

By the SVR’s monitoring of Guccifer they were able to discover that he had penetrated the “weak/lax” security of a private home email computer server Hillary Clinton had set up in her home to evade US laws relating to the use and possession of top secret and confidential electronically transferred documents.

Once having penetrated Hillary Clinton’s private computer server and obtaining all of her emails, the SVR was then able to “penetrate/discover” access “codes/secret directions” to other US government and related computer servers—including the system belonging to Clinton’s Democratic Party.

Enraging FSB Director Bortnikov, though, Chairwoman Matviyenko authorized the SVR to leak one of Hillary Clinton’s emails in the belief it would force her out of office—and that RT reported on in their 20 March 2013 article titled Hillary Clinton's 'hacked' Benghazi emails: FULL RELEASE.

Most unfortunately, however, this new SC report details, the US propaganda mainstream media failed to inform the American people that Russia was in possession of Hillary Clinton’s emails thus allowing her to retaliate by funding a coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine during the next year—and that George Friedman, the Founder and CEO of Stratfor, the ‘Shadow CIA’ firm, called “the blatant coup in history”.

Even worse, this report continues, once Hillary Clinton destroyed the democratically elected government of Ukraine, she then installed to run that nation a Neo-Nazi government leaving the Federation no choice but to respond to save the lives of its Russian speaking citizens who were being massacred—and that after responding, as predictable, Hillary Clinton then rushed to put sanctions on Russia.

With all “normal” state efforts failing to stop Hillary Clinton, this report says, President Putin, on 13 May of this year, notified his military commanders that if she was elected as the next US president it would mean war—but in a final bid to derail her ambitions, on 1 June, authorized another release of one of her emails proving conclusively that she had deliberately broken US laws—and that we reported on in our report titled Putin Orders Release Of Most Dangerous Email In World.

Barely a month after President Putin ordered the release of this Hillary Clinton email, though, on 5 July, this report grimly notes, FBI Director James Comey gave a press conference saying she would not be charged for the many crimes she committed against her own government and people.

With the Federation now facing the choice of war should Hillary Clinton be elected as the next US president, or peace if it’s Donald Trump, this report continues, President Putin, this past fortnight, “conferred/discussed” with top Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as to how to further proceed.

Paul Manafort and Carter Page, this report explains, both have longstanding ties with the Federation with Manafort having been a top aide to Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych prior to his being deposed in coup by Hillary Clinton’s Neo-Nazi led forces, and Page, aside from his being one of America’s top military minds, having long time business ties with both Russian state companies and politicians.

And just within this past fortnight Page, also, accused the Western powers of approaching Russia and Central Asian nations with a “nearly universally critical tone” despite their “advancements”, this report continues, President Putin decision to side with Trump against Clinton has now becoming reached the highest level of national security—and is what caused him to authorize the turning over to Wikileaks of all Hillary Clinton emails obtained by the SVR, and that this whistle blowing organization has now begun to release, with more stunning revelations to come.

Wikileaks Drops Hillary Email Bomb That Could End Her Campaign but Face Book Censored It

It must be noted that this Security Council report contains vigorous objections by both the FSB and SVR to President Putin’s order to release all of Hillary Clinton’s emails to Wikileaks with them noting that Western propaganda news organizations loyal to the Obama regime will now focus on Russia instead of Hillary Clinton—and appears to be justified by headlines now appearing in American that include: How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President, Clinton campaign accuses Russia of meddling in the 2016 presidential election to help Trump, and They’re With Her: US Media Uses Putin, Russia to Label Trump a Traitor, to just name a few.

This report concludes, however, by noting President Putin’s decision was not based on Hillary Clinton’s emails alone, but the “deep state” implications behind the current US presidential election—and that we first began to report on in our 28 February report Freemasonic Forces Led By Donald Trump Launch “Soon To Be Deadly” American Coup d'état.

And even though it is not mentioned in this report, it is very critical to note that Donald Trump now joins with former President’s Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley who when they sided with Russian against the evils powers seeking to destroy our world were assassinated, as well as President John F. Kennedy, who in seeking peace with Russia was gunned down too.

[Editor Note: Does anyone else besides us find it strange that three of the four American presidents to be assassinated were all friends of Russia?]

July 25, 2016 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com

Earthquake Watch, Magnetic Storm, Weather | S0 News Jul.25.2016

Earthquake Watch, Magnetic Storm, Weather | S0 News Jul.25.2016 - YouTube

CrossTalk: Bullhorns get sporty

CrossTalk: Bullhorns get sporty - YouTube