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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ISIS update 11/25/2015..Proxy-War .. NATO v. Russia?

Obama Says Russia Should Shift Focus in Syria to Beating ISIS

Obama, Erdogan discuss downing of Russian aircraft, need to de-escalate

Ankara does not want any escalation with Moscow: Erdogan

State Spox: "Turkey's a genuine partner in destroying ISIL." 24 Nov 2015

NATO chief says military alliance stands by key ally Turkey


Erdogan: Russian jet downed in line with "rules of engagement"

Downing of Russian jet will have serious consequences: Putin

"Turkey Is Trying To Pull NATO Into A War With Russia!"

Russia Says Turkey's Attack On Jet Was "Planned Provocation" As Ankara Moves Tanks Near Syrian Border

With that in mind, note that on Wednesday, Sergei Lavrov (not known for holding his tongue or even for observing any semblance of diplomatic decorum) accused Ankara of conducting a pre-meditated strike. "We have serious doubts this was an unintended incident and believe this is a planned provocation,” Lavrov said, after a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. Lavrov also said he would back a plan to close the Turkish-Syrian border. "I think this is the right desicion. I hope President Hollande will tell us more about the issue tommorow. We would be ready to consider all measures that needed for this [closing the border]. By closing the border we will basically thwart the terrorist threat in Syria," he said.

Russia also said the Syrian army (so, Iran or Hezbollah) had retrieved the second pilot who is now "alive and well." Here's how French ambassador Alexandre Orlov summed up the situation in an interview with Europe 1 radio: “One on board was wounded when he parachuted down and killed in a savage way on the ground by the jihadists in the area. The other managed to escape and, according to the latest information, has been picked up by the Syrian army and should be going back to the Russian air force base.”

Note the difference in the way Russia and the US describes the FSA. For the US, they are a "moderate opposition group," for the Russians, they are "jihadists." Considering they are allied with al-Qaeda, and judging from the gruesome videos released by the group on Tuesday, you'd be forgiven if you're inclined to go with Moscow's characterization.

Meanwhile, Russia is set to deploy the S-400s. "Russia also said Wednesday it would take new measures in Syria to protect its aircraft, deploying powerful S-400 anti-air missile systems, which have a range of nearly 250 miles, to Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in northwestern Syria," WaPo reports, adding that "the airbase is located a little under 20 miles from the Turkish border, and has the potential to create headaches for Turkish and other aircraft in a U.S.-led coalition that are carrying out a separate airstrike campaign in Syria."

Russia deploys S-400 anti-missile system to Syria to cover Latakia airbase

Cruiser Moscow never sleeps

S400 to Syria - Putin seals Syria's Airspace - Fort Russ

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th November, 2015


Russia will transfer to Syria the S-400 air defence system. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The anti-aircraft missile system S-400 will be transferred to the Hmeymim air base in Syria" - Shoigu said at the board meeting of the military department of the Russian Federation.

S-400 "Triumph" is an anti-aircraft missile system which is also a large and medium-range air defense missile system of a new generation. It is designed to destroy air and space attacks. This anti-aircraft missile system can simultaneously attack up to 36 objectives, launching 72 missiles in total.

S-400 "Triumph" was put into service in April 2007.

Russia to seriously reconsider relations with Turkey: Lavrov

Will Putin use the Kurds to destabilize Turkey?

Turkmen militant group claims to have killed 2 Russian pilots of downed jet

U.S. State Department refuses to condemn killing of pilot while parachuting by "moderate" terrorists

Ron Paul asks Who Is Protecting ISIS And Why?

Who Is Protecting ISIS And Why? - YouTube

ISIS releases new video tells US, Russia to "Bring It On"

ISIS Releases "Greatest" Piece Of Terrorist Video Propaganda In History, Tells US, Russia To "Bring It On" | Zero Hedge

By now, it’s probably safe to say that pretty much anyone who follows current events has seen at least one ISIS propaganda video. What began with clips of “Jihadi John” beheading Western journalists quickly escalated to footage of obscenely graphic executions.

The world recoiled in horror when the group’s Al Hayat Media Center released a slick, high-def production depicting a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage earlier this year and from that point on, the group essentially tried to one-up themselves with each new video murder montage. Notable highlights include: putting a handful of “confessed spies” in a cage and drowning them, cramming four people into a maroon Toyota Corolla and blowing it up with an RPG, dousing three people with gasoline before hanging them upside down from a swing set and lighting them on fire, enlisting the help of some 30 pre-teenage jihadists to execute several dozen enemy soldiers in an amphitheatre in Palmyra, lining up eight people atop landmines on a fog-covered mountain side and making them watch as their executioners come riding in on horses out of the woods to light the fuse, and who can forget running over an SAA soldier with a tank.

Less violent clips have recently included a series of videos celebrating the massacre in Paris, two of which contained threats against targets in the US including the White House (which ISIS will “turn black”) and Times Square.

Of course the peculiar (and very surreal) thing about the videos is the production quality. Islamic State’s Hollywood specials are always filmed in crisp 1080p and more often than not, feature multiple camera angles, slick graphics, slow motion replays, and even artificial wind to give the whole thing a more dramatic feel.

Well, just when we thought we’d seen the best Al Hayat had to offer, ISIS released a video on Tuesday that very well might qualify as the most spectacularly absurd piece of terrorist propaganda ever created.

Over the course of four minutes and fourteen seconds, ISIS literally threatens every country on the face of the earth, shows pictures of its fighters grinning and horsing around like something out of a Gap ad, calls Bill Clinton a "fornicator", runs down the statistics on verteran suicide rates in America, brands Russia and France a "coalition of devils", says the US is too weak to put boots on the ground, speaks out against racism, and tells the US, Russia, France, and "all of you" to "bring it on."

We present it below with no further comment other than to say, once again, that this seems quite sophisticated for a group whose headquarters is supposedly located in a bombed out city in eastern Syria. 

Lavrov: Downing Russian Su-24 looks like planned provocation, well-prepared ambush

Lavrov: Downing Russian Su-24 looks like planned provocation, well-prepared ambush - YouTube


The downing of a Russian warplane in Syria by Turkey appears to be a
pre-planned provocation, the Russian Foreign Minister said. Ankara
failed to communicate with Russia over the incident, he added - READ

Su-24 crash aftermath: World reactions, further escalation fears

Su-24 crash aftermath: World reactions, further escalation fears - YouTube


Many media outlets are trying to estimate what the downing of the
Russian bomber jet could mean on a grander scale - and they are being
less than optimistic. Some papers are saying this is the start of World
War Three, others assume we have witnessed the end of the peace process
for Syria.

John Pilger: USA, UK and France gave birth to ISIS monster

MUST-SEE interview with John Pilger: USA, UK and France gave birth to ISIS monster - YouTube

Drudge Tweets: “America Has Been Arming ISIS…”

Drudge Tweets: “America Has Been Arming ISIS…” » Infowars Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


In a rare social media interaction, Matt Drudge has teased that “A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS…”

A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS...

The tweet, the only one on Drudge’s account since he wiped it clean some months ago, has been interpreted by some as a teaser for an upcoming revelation Drudge has received inside info on.

Some think it may be related to the ongoing saga with Centcom cooking intelligence on ISIS to make it appear that the Obama Administration has the terror group “contained”, as the President put it last week.

Drudge’s tweet may be a teaser for a big story, or simply a declaration based on what is already known about US weapons falling into ISIS hands.

As Infowars has tirelessly documented, US weapons have fallen into ISIS hands time and time again and bolstered the terror group via the insane policy of arming and training so called ‘moderate rebels’ in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

The CIA has shipped weapons to al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria since at least 2012, a fact reported by The New York Times.

Up until late 2014, the US still claimed it was arming “moderate” mercenaries in Syria to fight against ISIS and the al-Assad government in Damascus despite the fact there are no longer any moderate forces active.

Iraqi intelligence even claims that the US is INTENTIONALLY dropping weapons to known ISIS linked groups of rebels.

Whether you believe this or not, it is clear that the terror group already have US weapons. It’s a policy that dates back decades, and has always ended in chaos and what the CIA has termed “blowback”.

Libertarian leaning Senator Rand Paul has repeatedly urged Americans to look to where ISIS is getting it’s weapons from to understand the monumental problem the US is facilitating in Syria and beyond.

Speaking with Ed Berliner of Newsmax recently, paul stated “Most of these people do not have the sophistication to make arms so they get the arms from other folks.”

“Right now ISIS has a billion dollars’ worth of U.S. Humvees, they have a billion dollars in cash they stole from us and they pay their soldiers with but they have anti-tank weapons and missiles they fire from the shoulder that were basically given to people in the Syrian civil war and taken by ISIS.”

“So really if we don’t want weapons to get into the hands of folks, we should be very careful about who we give the weapons to,” the Senator stated.

Steve Watson

Retired US Air Force General tells FoxNews Turkey's maneuver was overly aggressive and preplanned

US Air Force General: Turkey's maneuver was overly agressive and preplanned - YouTube

M7.6 Earthquakes, Earthspot Volcano | S0 News Nov.25.2015

M7.6 Earthquakes, Earthspot Volcano | S0 News Nov.25.2015 - YouTube

Sorcha Faal says Moscow Warns CIA, Not Turkey, Downed Russian Fighter Plane Over Syria

Moscow Warns CIA, Not Turkey, Downed Russian Fighter Plane Over Syria

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on the downing of an Aerospace Forces Sukhoi Su-24M bomber aircraft over Syria yesterday states that it was a deliberate act perpetrated by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were at the time of this catastrophe “controlling/operating” a Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet on a supposed to be photographic reconnaissance mission.

According to this report, under the terms and provisions outlined in the 20 October agreement, whose full name is “The Memorandum of Mutual Understanding between the Defense Ministries of Russia and the United States on preventing incidents and providing for aviation flights during operations in Syria”, Aerospace Forces conducting combat missions in the Levant War Zone over Syria were notified yesterday by US Air Force flight controllers operating out of Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base that a Turkish Air Force F-16 was operating near the Turkey-Syrian border.

US Air Force flight controllers in further clarifying the “purpose/mission” of this Turkish Air Force F-16 flight, this report continues, stated to their Aerospace Forces counterparts that it was conducting a routine photographic reconnaissance flight for intelligence purposes—which this reports notes is always conducted under the direction of the CIA who mission is monitoring arms shipments from Turkey to Islamic State rebels in Syria.

Sensing no threat from this CIA operated Turkish Air Force F-16, this report says, an Aerospace Forces Su-24M bomber returning to its Syrian airbase with its two Sukhoi Su-30 fighter plane escorts “allowed/authorized” them to accelerate towards their base due to low fuel issues and increased its flight altitude to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) to prevent attacks from ground based fired missiles as per its procedures.

Immediately upon the Su-24M reaching the altitude of 6,000 meters, this report grimly states, and without its Su-30 escorts able to protect it, the CIA directed Turkish Air Force F-16 immediately went to hypersonic speed and fired three air-to-air missiles at the Aerospace Forces “target” destroying this Federation bomber and causing its two pilots, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov and Captain Konstantin Murahtin, to safely eject from their now destroyed plane.

After safely ejecting from their destroyed bomber plane, this report continues, Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov and Captain Murahtin, when nearing the ground, were then shot at by Islamic State terrorists who in doing so committed a grave war crime—and which killed Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov whose attackers celebrated his death.

Captain Murahtin, however, this report says, was able to be saved when the Su-30 escorts returned and provided covering fire to protect him—and who, also, provided air cover for the Aerospace Forces helicopters sent to rescue him.

Of the three Aerospace Forces helicopters sent to rescue Captain Murahtin however, MoD experts in this report say, one was destroyed by a US missile fired by Islamic State terrorists killing Naval Infantry Soldier (Marine) Alexandr Pozynich.

With MoD satellite data proving that the Su-24M bomber was about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) in Syrian airspace when it was shot down, this report continues, Turkey then “absurdly” claimed that it had violated its airspace up to a depth of 2.19 kilometers (1.36 miles) for about 17 seconds and had been warned to change its heading 10 times—which would have been impossible as a normal plane-to-plane single “communication transfer” takes at least 45 seconds to occur.

Also, this report notes, with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stating in 2012 that a “short-term border violation can never be a pretext for attack”, this disaster became even more bizarre when Turkey yesterday, in a letter to the UN Security Council, openly stated that it had shot down the Su-24M and even admitted it had ordered the attack on the rescue mission for the downed pilots.

Though Prime Minister Erdogan has yet to contact President Putin, this report says, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov did discuss this disaster with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, who assured Russia that Turkey wants to preserve friendly ties with Moscow, and to which Minister Lavrov replied that the Federation was not planning a war against Turkey.

Based on the MoD analysis in this report though, Foreign Minister Lavrov further stated: “We have serious doubts that this act was unintentional. It looks very much like a preplanned provocation.”

MoD intelligence experts in this report further support Minister Lavrov by noting it was not a coincidence that a Turkish film crew captured this shootdown either as they were most likely tipped off to be at the right place at the right time—a fact undisputed by even American observers.

Critical to note too, this report says, this disaster occurred just days after Turkish officials warned Russia to “immediately end its operation” against these Islamic State terrorists—and which we, in our 23 November report, Putin Declares ISIS On “Brink Of Total Defeat”, Warns NATO War Has Been “Total Lie”, noted the MoD’s grave concerns by stating: “To if the United States led NATO will intervene to protect their Islamic State allies against total defeat and risk World War III with Russia and China, this report warns, is the greatest unanswered question now facing the Federation.”

With the CIA having now plotted with certain elements within Turkey to provoke a larger war, this report concludes, President Putin ordered this morning that the previous agreement with the United States is now suspended and that the much feared S-400 defense missile system will now be deployed to the Hmeymim airbase in Syria—whose missiles have a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles) [the Turkish border, at its closest, is less than 50 miles away], and when combined with the airspace defense provided by the Moskva naval cruiser, will now spell certain death for any other Turkish-CIA-NATO aircraft should they ever again attempt to target a Federation warplane.

November 23, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com

Russia to suspend all military contacts, cooperation with Turkey

Russia to suspend all military contacts, cooperation with Turkey - YouTube

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (11-24-15) Joel Skousen

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (11-24-15) Joel Skousen - YouTube



Turkey Shoot: NATO State Escalates Conflict as It Funds ISIS

Putin rages as Turkey shoots down Russian plane - Yahoo News
Turkey, who has been buying millions of dollars of oil from ISIS daily and using the jihadis to attack Syria, has once again shown itself to be an “accomplice of terrorists” as Putin said. Turkish “moderate rebels” shouted Allah Akbar as they executed the downed pilots and blew up a rescue helicopter using American-made TOW missile.

Carson Threatens Russia AND American Freedoms

Like Hillary & most GOP candidates, Carson is desperate to show how tough he is by threatening Russia and threatening American freedoms. His prescription for dealing with the CIA’s jihadi surrogates is to treat Americans as terrorists by “strengthening the TSA” and having the “FBI track 24/7”. And Rubio promises to bring NATO into a war with Russia if Putin reacts to the shooting. Meanwhile Rand Paul is a breath of sanity as the politicians and media push for war.

US Caught Giving ISIS Missile Launchers
Alex Jones breaks down how TOW missiles were given to ISIS to shoot down Russina planes

The Globalist Plan for the Middle East
Joel Skousen breaks down the globalist players in the Middle East — their tactics and their ultimate goal.
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Yemen update 11/24\2015.. Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 244 days now

Watch Houthi fighters destroyed Abrams using Russian KONKURS ATGM in Najran-Saudi Arabia

Djibouti: Refugees Flee Yemen Conflict

Emirati soldier killed in Yemen

Abu Dhabi: The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces announced the martyrdom of Emirati soldier Nasser Hassan Mohammad Al Beloushi who died on Tuesday.

Al Beloushi succumbed to injuries he sustained while participating in the Saudi-led Arab coalition’s “Operation Restoring Hope” in Yemen.

Al Beloushi, who was being treated at a hospital in Germany, was injured during the fight to liberate the historical city of Maarib.

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces extended its sincere condolences to the martyr’s family, asking Allah Almighty to bless his soul and to bestow patience and solace upon his family.

20 Saudi-Led Mercenaries Killed in Yemen

Over 20 Saudi-led mercenaries were killed and 70 others were injured as the Yemeni army and popular committees frustrated their attempt to advance towards al-Omari military camp in Taiz province, according to battlefield sources.

The Yemeni forces also bombarded a Saudi warship on Mocha coast in Taiz.

Yemen has been since March 26 under brutal aggression by Saudi-led coalition. Thousands have been martyred and injured in the attack, with the vast majority of them are civilians.

Riyadh launched the attack on Yemen in a bid to restore power to fugitive president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi who is a close ally to Saudi Arabia.

However, Yemeni army, backed by the committees has been responding to the aggression by targeting several Saudi border military posts and cleansing several areas across the country, especially the country’s south, from Hadi and al-Qaeda-linked militias.

Yemen Unveils New Generation of Home-Made Missiles

The Yemeni army and popular forces unveiled the second generation of their home-made Zalzal missiles that has already come into action in the war with Saudi Arabia.

The second generation of Zalzal missile is fully home-made and is the third type of missile made by the Yemeni forces.

In late May, the Yemeni revolutionary movement unveiled two Najm al-Saqeb (striking star) mid-range missiles with a range of 45km and 75km.

"The second generation of Zalzal has much higher precision than the first generation and several Zalzal missiles destroyed al-Qarn military base in Jizan province, Southern Saudi Arabia," Yemen's official news agency Saba quoted a military source as saying on Monday.

Zalzal missile is 2.5 meters long, it weighs 350 kilograms, is equipped with a warhead which is 90 centimeters long and weighs over 140 kilograms and has a range of 15 kilometers.

Al-Najm al-Saqeb1 is three meters long with a range of 45 kilometers and payload of 50 kilograms. Al-Najm al-Saqeb2 is five meters long with a range of 75 kilometers and a payload of 75 kilometers.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 244 days now to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 6,984 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Hadi stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by Ansarullah revolutionaries of the Houthi movement.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

Yemeni Students Protest against Saudi Invasion in Front of UN OfficeTEHRAN (FNA)- Yemeni students staged a protest in front of the UN office in Sana’a to call for an end to the Saudi war, demanding the Saudi-led coalition stop the targeting of schools in Yemen. [PHOTOS]

Banks Rehearse ‘Quantum Dawn’ Cyber Attacks

Banks Rehearse ‘Quantum Dawn’ Cyber Attacks - YouTube


Spiro says I believe they are setting the stage for a massive Cyber False Flag!
More than 80 financial institutions practiced their cyber-attack game
plans in September, according to a report released Monday, simulating
hacks of exchanges, breaches of customer data and outages

U.S. official tells Reuters Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey

Russian jet hit inside Syria after incursion into Turkey: U.S. official | Reuters

The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief incursion into Turkish airspace, a U.S. official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.The official said that assessment was based on detection of the heat signature of the jet.


X22Report US/NATO Using Turkey To Provoke Russia By Downing A Jet To Start The War - Episode 826b

US/NATO Using Turkey To Provoke Russia By Downing A Jet To Start The War - Episode 826b - YouTube


Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel –

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Report date: 11.24.2015

US Government wants everyone to talk about gun control over Thanksgiving, be prepared for a false flag. Crimea still in darkness, and the Ukraine is not rushing to repair the problem. Iran accepts delivery of S-300 missile system from Russia. Turkey shoots down a Russian plane to provoke Russia into a war. Turkey states that the plane was in Turkey airspace but the latest radar shows the plane in Syrian airspace. US instructed Turkey to use this provocation because the US and the coalition forces are losing the battle in Syria and they are becoming desperate.US bio-terrorism system does not work in the US. Many retailers are expecting a cyber attack this holiday season, why this would explain away why the economy is collapsing.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

PressTV Debate Russia -Turkey Row (Nov 24th)

The Debate - Russia -Turkey Row (Nov 24th) - YouTube

Trump update 11/24\2015.. Fact checking

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump EXPLOSIVE Rally in Columbus, OH (11-23-15)

Donald Trump Kicks More Protesters Out of Columbus, OH Rally

Sen. Ted Cruz climbs closer to Trump in new poll

Cruz pulls nearly even with Trump in Iowa poll, Carson sinks

Why Doesn't ANYONE In The Mainstream Media Ask Hillary About "RUNNING FROM SNIPER FIRE"???

Fact checking Donald Trump's 9/11 claims

Trump and Carson wrong about 911 celebrators

Trump camp points finger at media for recent controversies

Will Donald Trump Dodge His Latest Flaps?

GOP Wants Trump To Disappear Before He Costs Them The Election

Vandersloot: I don't think Trump would make a good president

O'Reilly Confronts Trump About Retweeting Inaccurate Stats About Black Murder Rate

Whoopi Goldberg Slams Donald Trump Fearmongering - ' It Can Cost People’s Lives ’

Watching the Hawks [137] To Protect and Steal & Turkey’s Syria Blunder w/ Larry C. Johnson

[137] To Protect and Steal & Turkey’s Syria Blunder w/ Larry C. Johnson - YouTube

Mark Sleboda on the consequences of the downing of Russian jet

Downing of Russian jet will have serious consequences: Putin - YouTube