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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yemen update 5/01/2016..Hadi's delegation halts direct talks with Yemen's Ansarullah

Hadi's delegation halts direct talks with Yemen's Ansarullah

Yemeni ex-leader Saleh to RT: No difference between Saudi regime and ISIS, Al-Qaeda

In the aftermath of thousands of Yemeni civilians’ deaths at the hands of the Saudi-led coalition, Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh told RT that there is no difference between the "Saudi regime" and terror groups like Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

"A plot has been made against the Yemeni people. An unreasonable aggression against us has been prepared. Strikes at military, economic, cultural and social targets have been conducted, the whole infrastructure [has been targeted]. A total destruction of everything is taking place... I'm talking about Saudi aggression," Ali Abdullah Saleh told RT Arabic in an exclusive interview this week.

The former Yemeni president, who headed the Middle Eastern country for decades until February 2012, said that his nation has no conflict with any country in the world, but Saudi Arabia.

"They attacked us, we didn't attack them. They are killing our women, our elderly and children. Why? We've never had any religious disputes. Why have they appeared now? We have our religious views, you have yours. Why are you [Saudis] killing the Yemeni people, who are your neighbors and brothers?" Saleh said.

West Turning Blind Eye To Saudi Crimes In Yemen. John Wight

Yemeni Politician: Riyadh, Allies Impeding Progress in Kuwaiti Peace Talks

A Yemeni politician underlined that Saudi Arabia and its allies have prevented attainment of any progress in the ongoing peace talks in Kuwait.

"The non-stop violations of the ceasefire by Saudi Arabia and the problems created by the Saudi delegation in the ongoing peace talks in Kuwait City have resulted in the lack of success for the negotiations," Abdel Mansour al-Karami told FNA on Sunday.

He noted that the agreements reached in the previous round of the peace talks in Switzerland topped the Kuwait meeting, but have not been dealt with so far. "The Yemeni peace talks in Kuwait have not achieved any progress despite being underway in Kuwait for 10 days now," he added.

In a relevant development last Monday, Yemen's Ansarullah stressed that the ceasefire should be strengthened before discussing any other issue during the UN-brokered talks taking place in the Kuwaiti capital.

"If the aggression does not completely be halted, discussing any other issue on the agenda wont be needed," the group's spokesman, Mohammad Abdelsalam said in remarks published by al-Manar.

Meanwhile, Abdelsalam noted that the so-called anti-Qaeda campaign is just a pretext to divert attention from a scheme aimed at targeting the country's South.

Earlier, Abdelsalam noted that the course of this round of Yemeni peace talks will not differ previous ones, stressing that the "continuation of the aggression proves that ceasefire announcement by UN is untrue."

The continuation of Saudi air strikes on Yemen confirms that Riyadh has not stopped the hostilities and would go on its moves to make advances in several areas across the Yemeni territories.

Yemen Not Alone…An Open Declaration by Sayyid Hashim al Haidari

The oppression committed by the Zionist slaves, Saudi regime has been continuing on the oppressed Yemenis. Despite the ruthless attacks on the innocent civilians of Yemen, Ansar Allah has fought back like lions. Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari, from Iraq, openly declares support for the Yemenis.

Yemenis slam Saudi aerial blockade on civilian aviation

"Ansarullah forces seized military base in Northern Yemen"

UN: Yemeni warring sides had productive talks in Kuwait

Palestinian/ Israeli update 5/01/2016..4 Palestinians Continue Hunger Strikes

Striking inmates protest administrative detention by Israel

4 Palestinians Continue Hunger Strikes

Four Palestinian prisoners continued their hunger strike in protest to their administrative detention in the face of increasing pressure by Israeli prison authorities, with some experiencing severe health complications, local media reported.

Hunger-striker Sami Janazreh, 43, from al-Fawwar refugee camp near Hebron, entered the 59th day of his hunger strike. He suffers from a heart condition and low blood pressure, and has suffered seizures and other complications since the end of March, Palestinian radio station Sawt al-Asra reported.

Since the announcement of his hunger strike, Israeli authorities have transferred Janazreh between Israeli prisons as a way of pressuring him to end his strike.

Janazreh was moved Friday from solitary confinement at Israel’s Ela prison to Soroka hospital after his health deteriorated even further.

Fuad Rabah Shukri Assi, 30, from Beit Liqya near Ramallah, also continued his hunger strike for the 28th day after Israeli authorities extended his administrative detention for an additional six months.

Israeli prison authorities have reportedly pressured Assi to end his hunger strike by searching his cell every two hours, allowing him one visit per day to the toilet, confiscating all of his electronics, seizing his clothes, and only allowing him one hour in the prison yard.

He was most recently detained from his home last August, and is currently held in Israel’s Ktziot prison in the Negev. The Palestinian prisoner had previously spent over five years in Israeli prisons, and his brother Muhammad was killed by Israeli forces on Oct. 22, 2013.

Muhammad Jamal Mafarja, 28, also from Beit Liqya, entered the 28th day of his hunger strike, initially declared on April 3 in protest of his 16-month administrative detention. He was detained in December 2014, nine months after being released from prison.

Fourth prisoner, Majdi Safwat Yasin, 33, a lawyer and Swedish national from the village of Anin near Jenin, entered the seventh day of his strike, declared after being detained on his way to Sweden by Israeli authorities at the Allenby Bridge crossing.

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, 700 Palestinians are currently being held in administrative detention, an Israeli policy that allows for internment without charge or trial for six-month intervals that can be renewed indefinitely, and which has been widely condemned by rights groups as representing a grave violation of human rights and contravening international law.

Palestinian prisoners commonly resort to hunger strikes as a way of protesting their arbitrary arrest and detention by Israeli authorities. Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq came close to death earlier this year during a more than 90-day strike against his detention.

Israel issues 27 administrative detention orders against Palestinians

Zarif Urges Palestinian Groups to Stand United

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called for unity among all Palestinian groups.

"The main goal of the Muslim World and Palestinian groups should be repulsing the threat of the Zionist regime," Zarif said in a meeting with Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Ramazan Abdullah in Tehran on Sunday.

The Iranian foreign minister underlined the need for Palestinian unity, saying it's the only way to restore their usurped rights.

Abdullah, for his part, briefed Zarif on the latest situation in Palestine, and underlined the importance of Iran's role in resolving the regional crises.

In a relevant development on Saturday, Iranian Supreme Leader's Top Advisor for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underscored his country's support for the Palestinian groups which resist against the Zionist regime's tyranny and occupation.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will support the innocent Palestinian nation and the oppressed regional nations; and enemies' ominous dream for disintegrating and controlling the Islamic states will never come true," Velayati said in a meeting with the secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran.

He underlined Iran's complete familiarity with resistance and Jihadi groups in Palestine, and reminded that those suffering from miscalculations have sustained losses.

"But victory can be achieved only through resistance," Velayati stressed.

Remember the Golan Heights?

By Eric Margolis

Before 2011, Israel hinted that it would return Golan to Syria as part of a comprehensive peace agreement – provided Damascus ceased supporting Palestinian claims to their lost lands. But once the Syrian civil war conveniently began, there was no more talk of Golan.

In fact, it’s pretty much clear that Israel has been quietly fueling the Syrian conflict by discreet arms and logistics support to so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels and lobbying for the war in Washington and with the US media. Netanyahu has even said – with a straight face – that Israel cannot return Golan or even negotiate, until calm returns to Syria and Iraq.

Netanyahu is clearly following the grand strategy of the founder of his rightwing Likud Party, Zeev Jabotinsky, a militant Russian Zionist. Jabotinsky asserted that the Arab states were an artificial, fragile mosaic of inimical Arab tribes.

Hit them hard enough, claimed Jabotinsky, and they will shatter into small pieces, leaving Israel master of the Levant (central Arab world). The destruction of Iraq and Syria have confirmed Jabotinsky’s theory.

Accordingly, Israel is delighted to see Syria, a primary foe, lying in ruins as a result of a US, British, French, Turkish and Saudi-instigated civil war. Damascus is in no shape to demand the return of Golan, and the rest of the world does not care.

The destruction of Syria as a unitary state offers the expansionist Likud government many opportunities to extend influence into Syria – as was the case in Lebanon during its bloody 1975-1990 civil war. Or even carve off more Syrian territory “to protect Israel’s security.”

The words of Israel’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, still resonate: the state of Israel is a work in progress and its borders should not be fixed or even defined. Notably the borders with Syria and Jordan.

Germany rethinks unconditional support for Israel

"Merkel has warned Israel over effects of settlement policy"

Trump update 5/01/2016..Jeb Bush [endorsement] Is Worth 2 Votes, Jeb And His Wife!'

Donald Trump Holds Rally in Terre Haute, IN (5-1-16)

Donald J. Trump Rally In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Donald Trump "Fox News Sunday" FULL Interview 5-1-2016

Jeb Bush Is Worth 2 Votes, Jeb And His Wife!'

Donald Trump In Ft Wayne Responds To Heidi Cruz Saying Ted Is An "Immigrant"

Obama, you're fired! - TRUMP 2016

'Never Trump' crowd spending millions in fight for Indiana

Larry Sabato: Indiana GOP primary a 'rare, true toss-up'

Trump Is Inevitable and the Indiana Primary Barely Matters

Anti-Trump Rioters Gone Wild [UNCENSORED]
The Alex Jones Channel

Is This The Ultimate Act Of A Frantic Establishment Willing To Do Anything To Stop Trump? | Zero Hedge

Submitted by SM Gibson via,

As Donald Trump inches closer to the Republican nomination, GOP insiders scramble to put a halt to the billionaire’s run for the White House. A new lawsuit filed in the state of California could prove to be the ultimate act of desperation by a frantic establishment willing to go to any lengths to end Trump’s bid for the Oval Office. However, if the allegations contained within the court documents are found to be true, they would not only spell the end of Trump’s presidential aspirations, but most likely his brand as a whole.

On April 26, a woman residing in California named Katie Johnson filed a lawsuit against Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein – for the amount of $100 million – accusing the two billionaires of “forcing her to engage in various perverted and depraved acts by threatening physical harm.” The plaintiff, who describes herself as Trump and Epstein’s “sex slave” in the papers, also accuses the pair of having threatened to kill her family if she told anyone of their crime.

The incidents alleged to have taken place over a four-month span in 1994 in New York City, when Johnson was only 13-years-old.

Of the four separate encounters Johnson outlined in the documents, the last incident is described in the most detail:

“On the fourth and final sexual encounter with the defendant, Donald J. Trump, the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, was tied to a bed by Defendant Trump who then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff Johnson. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff Johnson loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to “please wear a condom.” Defendant Trump responded by violently striking Plaintiff Johnson in the face with his open hand and screaming that “he would do what he wanted” as he refused to wear protection. After achieving sexual orgasm, the Defendant, Donald J. Trump put his suit back on and when the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, in tears asked Donald Trump what would happen if he had impregnated her, Defendant Trump grabbed his wallet and threw some money at her and screamed that she should use the money “to get a f*cking abortion.”

Jumping in front of the media blitz that accompanies rumors of this nature, Trump has already addressed the story, calling the events described by the woman a lie.

“The allegations are not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, perhaps are simply politically motivated. There is absolutely no merit to these allegations. Period,” Donald Trump told RadarOnline concerning the court papers.

A woman the documents refer to only as “Tiffany Doe” is said to be able to corroborate the events.

“Material witness Tiffany Doe fully confirms of all Plaintiff Katie Johnson’s allegations of physical and sexual abuse by Defendants Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein. Tiffany Doe was physically present at each of the four occasions by Defendant Trump upon the person of Plaintiff Johnson, as it was her job to witness all of the sexual escapades of Defendant Epstein’s guests at these underage sex parties and later reveal all of the sordid details directly to Defendant Epstein. Defendant Epstein also demanded that Tiffany Doe tell him personally everything she had overheard at these parties explaining to her that “knowledge was king” in the financial world. As a result of these underage sex parties, Defendant Epstein was able to accumulate inside business knowledge that he otherwise would never have been privy to in order to amass his huge personal fortune,” according to the court papers.

Jeffrey Epstein, who has already served 13 months in prison for a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old, is a registered Level 3 sex offender – considered by the state to be a “high risk” to repeat his offense and “a threat to public safety.” At one point, Epstein, who has been implicated in numerous sex crimes involving minors, was facing 10 years to life on multiple counts of statutory rape.

In 2010, the FBI seized a 194-page “little black book” belonging to Epstein that listed the identities of underage girls he was accused of keeping as sex slaves. Incidentally, the plaintiff, Katie Johnson’s name does not appear in the book.

Alex Jones : Commercial Free - Sunday (5-1-16) Full Show

Alex Jones : Commercial Free - Sunday (5-1-16) Full Show - YouTube


On this live Sunday, May 1 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the May Day protests going around the globe as leftist activists protest for more government. Rob Dew and Josh Owens, who were reporting on the ground at the Calif. protests, reveal what the media's not telling you about the anti-Trump demonstrations. We also look into the White House Correspondents' Dinner in which Obama used an insult comedian to rip the lapdog press completely apart. And we look into how virtual reality will transform the population into zombies who are easily managed and controlled by the elite.
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"Irreconcilable Differences" Leaked Docs Reveal #TTIP Trade Deal In Jeopardy

read it all here,,,,,,,Leaked Docs Reveal TTIP Trade Deal In Jeopardy As "Irreconcilable Differences" Emerge | Zero Hedge

Now, according to leaked negotiating drafts and internal positions, which were obtained by Greenpeace and seen by the Guardian, it seems the stumbling blocks ahead of the TTIP's implementation are indeed substantial, and potentially dealbreaking. As the Guardian reports, talks for a free trade deal between Europe and the US face a serious impasse with "irreconcilable" differences in some areas.

The leaked texts also show that the two sides are at odds "over US demands that would require the EU to break promises it has made on environmental protection."

As Obama said last week during his whirlwind tour of Europe, and especially his visit to Hanover where thousands of Germans were protesting the TTRIP at the same time, he was confident a deal could be reached. "But the leaked negotiating drafts and internal positions, which were obtained by Greenpeace and seen by the Guardian, paint a very different picture."

“Discussions on cosmetics remain very difficult and the scope of common objectives fairly limited,” says one internal note by EU trade negotiators. Because of a European ban on animal testing, “the EU and US approaches remain irreconcilable and EU market access problems will therefore remain,” the note says. Guardian adds that according to the confidential briefing, talks on engineering were also “characterised by continuous reluctance on the part of the US to engage in this sector."

The biggest concern appears to be the hypocritical stance by both sides on environmental protections: while both US and European public officials have railed for the need to safeguard the environment, the note presents a starkly different reality dictated by the corporations that are the key beneficiaries from the TTIP.

Jorgo Riss, the director of Greenpeace EU, said: “These leaked documents give us an unparalleled look at the scope of US demands to lower or circumvent EU protections for environment and public health as part of TTIP. The EU position is very bad, and the US position is terrible. The prospect of a TTIP compromising within that range is an awful one. The way is being cleared for a race to the bottom in environmental, consumer protection and public health standards.”

More details from the Guardian:

US proposals include an obligation on the EU to inform its industries of any planned regulations in advance, and to allow them the same input into EU regulatory processes as European firms. American firms could influence the content of EU laws at several points along the regulatory line, including through a plethora of proposed technical working groups and committees.

“Before the EU could even pass a regulation, it would have to go through a gruelling impact assessment process in which the bloc would have to show interested US parties that no voluntary measures, or less exacting regulatory ones, were possible,” Riss said.

Not surprisingly, environmentalists are concerned by the undue influence afforded to corporations. They say the body has loose rules on corporate influence, allowing employees of companies such as BASF, Nestle and Coca Cola to sit on – and sometimes lead – national delegations. Some 44% of its decisions on pesticides residues have been less stringent than EU ones, with 40% of rough equivalence and 16% being more demanding, according to Greenpeace.

Another cause of concern is genetically modified foods because as the Guardian writes, "GM foods could also find a widening window into Europe, with the US pushing for a working group to adopt a “low level presence initiative”. This would allow the import of cargo containing traces of unauthorised GM strains. The EU currently blocks these because of food safety and cross-pollination concerns." That won't be the case should the TTIP pass.

More importantly, it appears that the EU has not yet accepted the US demands, but they are uncontested in the negotiators’ note, and no counter-proposals have been made in these areas suggesting that far from its official stance, Europe may simply roll over on most US (and corporate) demands.

Europeans will likely see this as an act of betrayal by the negotiators: in January, the EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström said [pdf] the precautionary principle, obliging regulatory caution where there is scientific doubt, was a core and non-negotiable EU principle. She said: “We will defend the precautionary approach to regulation in Europe, in TTIP and in all our other agreements.” But the principle is not mentioned in the 248 pages of TTIP negotiating texts.

The European commission has also promised to safeguard environmental laws, defend international standards and protect the EU’s right to set high green benchmarks in future.

The new leak will not placate critics of the deal, who have pointed to attempts by fossil fuel firms and others to influence its outcome, as a sign of things to come.

Finally, if there was any doubt as to who the true negotiators behind the deal are, this should clear it up: the EU negotiators internal note says “the US expressed that it would have to consult with its chemical industry on how to position itself” on issues of market access for non-agricultural goods. Where industry lobbying in regulatory processes is concerned, the US also “insisted” that the EU be “required” to involve US experts in its development of electrotechnical standards.

Finally, recall that having started off with majority public support on both sides of the Atlantic, as 55% of Germans and 53% of Americans thought the TTIP deals was beneficial for the two respective countries as recently as 2014, a recent YouGov poll found that support for the deal had tumbled to just 17% and 15% respectively...

PressTV Debate - Iraq Overdue Reforms 1.5.2016

The Debate - Iraq Overdue Reforms (1.5.2016) - YouTube

Ayatollah Khamenei says "West tries to portray regional conflict as Shia-Sunni war"

"West tries to portray regional conflict as Shia-Sunni war" - YouTube


The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has reaffirmed Iran’s policy of supporting the cause of Palestine. In a meeting with the Secretary General of Palestine’s Islamic Jihad Movement, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said supporting Palestine means supporting Islam.

Ayatollah Khamenei says the West has been trying to dominate the region through a massive war against the Islamic Front. The ongoing war is the continuation of the conflict which began against Iran 37 years ago with the issue of Palestine as its centerpiece. Ayatollah Khamenei warned that arrogant powers are trying to portray the regional conflict as a war between Shia and Sunni Muslims. The Leader underlined that Syria is not ruled by a Shia government, but Iran supports it as those who are fighting Damascus are the enemies of Islam and serve the U.S and Israel.

He then referred to the unprecedented sanctions imposed by the U-S and its allies on Iran. The Leader said the measures aimed to force Iran into abandoning its path. He said the sanctions were futile and will fail to produce results in the future. Ayatollah Khamenei also condemned efforts to pressure the Lebanese resistance movement. He said Hezbollah is powerful enough to withstand such pressures and Israel is more scared of the movement than ever before. During the meeting Ramadhan Abdollah thanked Iran’s support for the Palestinian cause.

The Media Lie About Everything! From 9/11 to UBL to Geoengineering!

The Media Lie About Everything! From 9/11 to UBL to Geoengineering! - YouTube


And speaking of the pathetic media, just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public's view of other institutions. Amazing, isn't it? And meanwhile Larry Wilmore attempts to take the mantle of political wit and fails miserably. But it's not his fault. It's his writers who are to blame. Enjoy.

Official Lionel Website:

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS - YouTube


Video made by Hands Off Syria

White Helmet Articles:

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“The Ivy League bourgeoisie who sit at the helm of the non-profit industrial complex will one day be known simply as charismatic architects of death. Funded by the ruling class oligarchy, the role they serve for their funders is not unlike that of corporate media. Yet, it appears that global society is paralyzed in a collective hypnosis – rejecting universal social interests, thus rejecting reason, to instead fall in line with the position of the powerful minority that has seized control, a minority that systematically favours corporate interests.” ~ Cory Morningstar

In his recent speech Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Nasrallah, alluded to a multi-phase “soft war” which relies upon the mass media complex to disseminate propaganda and bias, propelling the Middle East into, primarily, a sectarian crisis before descending even further into regionalism and finally a devastating individualism.

Cory Morningstar’s body of work does more than any other to expose the bare bones of the non-profit propaganda industry that governs both our reactions – and inactions, through a network of multi-layered and multi-faceted media manipulation campaigns, of which the end result is mass thought control. She explains:

“The 21st century NGO is becoming, more and more, a key tool serving the imperialist quest of absolute global dominance and exploitation. Global society has been, and continues to be, manipulated to believe that NGOs are representative of “civil society” (a concept promoted by corporations in the first place). This misplaced trust has allowed the “humanitarian industrial complex” to ascend to the highest position: the missionaries of deity – the deity of the empire.”

In a paper entitled, Foreign Aid and Regime Change: A Role for Donor Intent, written just prior to NATO intervention in Libya, Prof. Sarah Blodgett Bormeo describes the “democratization” process for target nations. Unwittingly or wittingly, Bormeo perfectly outlines the role played by NGOs in this process. Bormeo even goes so far as to pinpoint the lack of impartiality rife among NGOs large and small, the majority of whom, receive their funding directly from western government and major corporation sources – all of whom have a vested interest in the outcome of their NGO’s activities and ‘intervention’ in a particular location. Bormeo emphasises the importance of “picking winners” in this scenario, as opposed to respecting and supporting the will of the people in any sovereign nation.

“Thus, it is possible that aid donors, in an effort to avoid further entrenching an “authoritarian” [my edit: this status is decided by donor] regime and perhaps increase the likelihood of democratization, channel funds through NGOs and civil society organizations in authoritarian states.”

In this short video below, we are introduced to the US military’s symbiotic relationship with NGOs in countries [in this instance, Iraq] where the policy is to Induce Pacification & Advance Western Ideologies. NGOs are cynically used to “soften” cultures and render entire communities dependent upon foreign aid in order to facilitate “Democratization”.

Hindsight is a generous provider of absolution of the guilt from falling for the sophisticated western government or state propaganda and their media sleights of hand that so often deceive us into believing the narrative they present, one that’s so often designed to justify military intervention.

Invariably this is a narrative that all but ensures the massacre of innocent people under the pretext of ‘liberating’ them, or introducing ‘democracy’ that always promises to erase some perceived grievance of an western-backed opposition movement. Western nation-builders normally prescribe the same treatment every time: cutting a swathe through the host country’s society and culture either via proxy armies of foreign mercenaries under the guise of various terrorist factions or with an onslaught of bombs and assorted mass destruction or chemical weapons (including depleted uranium) which can render their land barren for decades and result in birth defects, increased cancer rates and a multitude of devastating side effects for generations after. While all this is going on, a parallel government has already been formed by the west, laying in waiting in some five star hotel in Paris or London.

German People chases Minister of Justice Heiko Maas to his armored Vehicle.."Get out, Traitor!"

"Get out, Traitor!" - German People chases Minister of Justice Heiko Maas to his armored Vehicle - YouTube

Heiko Maas, the German Federal Minister of Justice, was unable to finish his Labor Day celebration speech on the 1st of May as he was loudly booed and chased off the stage by the German people. The people repeatedly shouted "Traitor", "Leftist Rat", "Get out!", "We are the People" and "Maas must go!", eventually getting him to cancel his speech and flee to his armored vehicle escorted by his armed bodyguards.

Maas is considered one of the biggest proponents of expanding censorship laws, demanding persecution, fines and jail-time for everybody posting "hate speech" on social media.

He also does not acknowledge the existence of the German people, backing his party, the Social Democrats, in the opinion that Europe was always made up of immigrants and Germany's only chance of redemption for the eternal guilt of World War 2 is inviting as many Muslim immigrants as possible.

His party took devastating losses in polls across the country, losing to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) by a landslide in the last state election of Saxony, where he held his speech.

Maas' party recently published plans to build 350,000 entirely new homes for "newcomers" to solve the "demographic crisis". In his speech he claimed that "the people shouting 'traitor' don't even know what's happening to them". But it appears that they know very well what is being done to them.
The German people are confused and angry about why they're told that they have to be frugal and avoid having children because of the immense cost while simultaneously working their fingers to the bones to fund a foreign invasion.

The people in the audience hence ridiculed him for claiming that the actual workers in the audience "hijack Labor Day". The hypocrisy of celebrating Labor and fair wages while his party supports the import of millions of unskilled workers is what got him chased off the stage.

X22Report Current Economic Collapse News Brief - Episode 959

Current Economic Collapse News Brief - Episode 959 - YouTube


Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel –

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
Report date: 05.01.2016

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

ISIS update 5/01/2016..Iraqi protesters camp outside parliament in Baghdad's green zone

Iraqi security forces dispatched to protect sensitive sites

Iraqi PM: Baghdad situation under control after protests

Iraqi protesters camp outside parliament in Baghdad's green zone

Saudis To Intensify Sectarian Tension In Iraq. Zayd Al-Isa

Iraqi Golden Division - Rescuing civilians trapped by ISIS in Ramadi countryside

Peshemrga capture ISIS Armored Grass car full of explosive

Turkish Military run from PKK & leave dozen of its dead Soldiers

PKK Ambush Turkish Military Convoy

PKK destroy Turkish Special Forces Bus & Security Car

The moment of the explosion near a police station in Turkey's southeast city of Gaziantep

Suspected ISIS car bomb strikes police HQ in Gaziantep, Turkey, killing 2

Russia continues to drop aid to Syria's besieged Deir ez-Zor

The Battle of Deir Ez Zor

Aerial Combat Footage : Lebanese army targets al-Nusra gathering in Arsal

Aleppo hospital attack: CCTV footage shows Al Quds air strike in Syria

Opposition moderate terrorist use videos from Palestine says it from Aleppo

Western Media Break Their Silence on Aleppo with Flagrant Lies, Omissions, Obfuscations


In a lengthy April 27 BBC propaganda piece, when it finally got to the issue of Aleppo, the article said nothing about the current situation in Aleppo, and for some reason felt the need to use quotation marks when referring to established terrorist groups Da’esh and the Nusra Front:

“Russia, of course, has said it is largely striking at IS and al-Nusra “terrorists”.”

Granted, the piece is meant specifically to be anti-Russian propaganda, but yet, not a single mention of the past few days of al-Nusra and other terrorists’ horrific bombardment of Aleppo’s residential areas.

Instead, BBC inserts an undated photo of Aleppo “subjected to airstrikes”, a photo with two hefty men resembling Nusra or other terrorists in the background, one of whom seemingly wearing military fatigues, incidentally.

A search on BBC’s website, using the query “Aleppo”, unsurprisingly turns up zero other articles (other than the anti-Russia piece) on Aleppo the past four days of terrorists’ bombardment of Aleppo.

The Guardian ran the same photo in its April 26 piece by authors based in Turkey, this time with the photo caption: “A wounded boy is helped out of a ruined building after an air strike on the Fardous neighbourhood in Aleppo.”

The Guardian omitted the fact that Fardous is occupied by terrorists. Further, had the Guardian done a search on the photographer, Ameer al-Halabi, they would have found photos like this showing the photographer’s proximity to clearly armed terrorists, as well as this Feb 2016 photo showing so-called “White Helmets” “rescuers” in Aleppo.

Rather than being “civilian” rescuers, White Helmets have a different claim to fame: foreign-funded “regime change propagandists & terrorist allies” operating primarily in al-Nusra and Da’esh strongholds, as explained in detail in investigative writer, Vanessa Beeley’s, “Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception” and “Syria’s White Helmets: War By Way of Deception ~ ‘Moderate Executioners’“.

As for the Guardian piece, it is full of the standard MSM obfuscations, and does not highlight the crisis that is Aleppo under terrorists’ bombardment. Instead it employs the standard accusatory rhetoric, mourns for the “Civil Defence” aka “White Helmets” aka terrorist supporters and propagandists.

In fact, BBC, Guardian, AFP, CBC, etc, all read from the same tired, lying script: pretending that WH are rescuer workers, lambasting the Syrian army/airforce/government, and utterly ignoring or downplaying the immense tragedy of the massacres actually taking place by western-backed terrorists. None of this is surprising, but it is most certainly infuriating. There is no respect for actual loss of life by terrorists in Syria; the humanitarian cards are played and manipulated only to serve the long-dead rhetoric of the NATO-alliance criminals.

The Unspoken Truth is that America is Supporting Al Qaeda: Heavy Propaganda Rages in the Battle for Aleppo. The Terrorists are Portrayed as “Freedom Fighters” | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Heavy propaganda accompanies the strategic battle in Aleppo between the Syrian Army and its allies (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other militia) and the Saudi-Turkey-NATO backed terrorist groups (Jabhat al Nusra, Jaysh al Islam, Ahrar as Sham and ISIS).

Fighting escalated in late April when the armed groups sent hundreds of mortars into Syria’s second city, and the Syrian Army responded with its long awaited offensive.

Western media now claim that Aleppo’s citizens are under threat from the Syrian Army, while Syrian sources show civilians, reeling from constant mortar attacks, demanding that the Army roots out all terrorist groups.

In an attempt to claim the moral high ground, Washington uses proxy NGOs alongside proxy militia, to maintain the fiction that the Syrian Army does nothing but attack Syrian civilians.

Prominent among these NGOs is ‘The White Helmets’ aka ‘Syrian Civil Defence’, which has become a principal source of claims that Syrian and Russian planes are targeting hospitals.

In fact ‘The White Helmets’, which claims to be independent, is a Wall Street creation, led by former British soldier James le Mesurier, co-funded by the US Government and embedded with the terrorist organisation Jabhat al Nusra, banned by the UN Security Council.

Every attack on al Nusra is thus portrayed as an attack on ‘civilians’ and clinics, or on emergency health workers. Much the same applies to Medicin Sans Frontiers (MSF), which funds al Nusra clinics (mostly without foreign volunteers) in several terrorist held areas.

These links, including participation in sectarian executions, are well spelt out in a recent short documentary ‘The White Helmets – al Qaeda with a Facelift’, by Steve Ezzeddine:

Background on The White Helmets has also been exposed in a series of articles by investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley, including ‘’White Helmets’: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists’ (Sept 2015) at 21st Century Wire:

The contradiction in US policy and practice was recently highlighted when the Syrian head of TWH, Raed Saleh, travelled to receive a humanitarian award, but was refused permission to enter the US and was sent back to Istanbul. The likely reason was Saleh’s notorious association with Jabhat al Nusra.

Head of the US military General Martin Dempsey and Vice President Joe Biden admitted in 2014 that close US allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar were financing ISIS, along with all the other armed groups, in an attempt to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Syrian Army Troops Take Heavy Death Toll from Terrorists in Hama
Syria: Scores of Al-Nusra Terrorists Killed in Russian Airstrike in Aleppo
Syria: Al-Nusra Sustains Another Defeat in Lattakia
URGENT: Gov't Forces Win more Battles against ISIL East of Homs Province
ISIL Retreats from more Positions in Aleppo under Heavy Offensives of Rival Terrorists
Battle Intensifies between Syrian Soldiers, ISIL Terrorists North of Palmyra
ISIL Admits Death of Deputy Leader in Iraq
Iraqi Army Takes Heavy Toll from ISIL in Ambush Operations in Kirkuk, Wins Back Bashir Village

WeAreChange on How Grandma Locked The Bad Police Officers In Her Basement

How Grandma Locked The Bad Police Officers In Her Basement - YouTube


Venus Green, retired school principal and widow, experienced the rampant racism and brutality of the Baltimore police department first hand. But her ordeal was not yet over. It took her four years of legal battles to convince the state to compensate her for the invasion, which the president of the city council actively voting against.

There is very little information about the officers involved circulating on the internet. It seems nearly all trace of them has been scrubbed from the internet. The Baltimore police department could not be reached for comment as to whether these individuals still work for the BPD.

Judge Jeanine asks What's wrong with putting America first?

Judge Jeanine: What's wrong with putting America first? - YouTube

“Terrorism is Good for Business”

“Terrorism is Good for Business”: RT Documentary Exposes Dirty Oil Secrets, ISIS Ties with Turkey | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization


Exclusive eye witness reports and documents, abandoned by retreating jihadists and found by RT Documentary crew members in a region liberated by Syrian Kurds, point to commercial scale oil smuggling operations and cozy relations between ISIS and Turkey.

Exclusive and unprecedented footage, along with witness accounts, was filmed by the RT Documentary crew only ten days after the town of Shaddadi in Syrian Kurdistan was liberated from Islamic State terrorists. The area surrounding the town is well known for its vast oil reserves and extraction activity that for months was reaped by ISIS command to generate revenue.

Benjamin Fulford News alert

News alert:

News alert: Mushroom cloud appeared in Kagoshima, Southern Japan at 1615 Japan Standard Time.


Psst! Could you protesters/rioters at least fake patriotism by waving American, not Mexican, flags?

L.A. Times Frets That Mexican Flags at Anti-Trump Protest Will Have 'Unintended Consequences' | Truth Revolt

The Los Angeles Times is fretting that Mexican flags displayed in the violent anti-Trump protests in Costa Mesa, Mexifornia - er, California - Thursday night will have "unintended consequences" come election time.

First, the Times noted the violence that plagued the protest:

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate. At least 17 were arrested.

Traffic came to a halt as protesters walked in the roadway, some waving American and Mexican flags. Protesters smashed a window on at least one police cruiser, punctured the tires of a police sport utility vehicle and at one point, tried to flip a police car.

Video footage showed some demonstrators hurling debris at a passing pickup. One group carried benches and blocked the entrance to the 55 Freeway along Newport Boulevard, with some tossing rocks at motorists near the on-ramp.

Newsbusters reports that the Times went on to demonstrate less concern about the rioting and more about the possible pro-Trump blowback. Here is the leftist rag suggesting a scary (for Democrats) scenario:

It's hard to know how such protests will impact the GOP race.

Some conservatives pointed with outrage to the use of the Mexican flag during the Costa Mesa protest.

During the anti-Proposition 187 rallies of 1994, the flying of the Mexican flag may have increased support for the initiative, which would have denied public services to immigrants here illegally. It was passed by voters but overturned by the courts.

Protesters carrying the Mexican flag during the 2006 protests also sparked debate.

As those protests continued, there were fewer Mexican flags and more American flags. That happened in part because Spanish-language DJs who promoted the demonstration during their radio shows urged participants to carry American flags to show their patriotism.

"If we want to live here, we want to demonstrate that we love this country and we love the American flag," DJ Eddie "El Piolin" Sotelo said at the time.

As Newsbusters points out, the subtle message there is:

Psst! Could you protesters/rioters at least fake patriotism by waving American, not Mexican, flags? It's only temporary in order to fool public opinion.

By waving those ubiquitous Mexican flags during their violent rampage, those protesters did more to drum up support for Donald Trump than any number of rallies he could have attended.

Open Letter to President Dilma Rousseff from Peter Koenig

Brazil: Dilma – Don’t Let Go!    :  Information Clearing House - ICH

Peter Koenig

Dear President Rousseff,
Please do not let go! Don’t let the corrupt neoliberal right wing with the help – no, at the instigation of Washington steal your country – take away Brazil from the Brazilians, rip-off and destroy all you and Lula have achieved in the last 14 years, free education, health services, efficient and modern public transportation, a basic social safety net – a more equal society. During the past decade and a half, you were able to distribute the benefits of Brazil’s riches to the majority of Brazilians, slowly turning the tide from the oligarchs, the latifundios – to the people, to those who work the lands, who have built and are still building and are eager to continue building a Brazil for all Brazilians.

The dying beast in the North is roaring; it cannot tolerate a free and autonomous ‘backyard’. A new sort of ‘coups’ is being invented – less blood, more fraud, election fraud, like in Argentina ), and in Venezuela

In the case of Brazil, it is legislative fraud, buying and putting into key positions crook-politicians, like Vice-President Michel Temer and Eduardo Cunha, President of the Lower House, who miraculously ascended (was ‘elected’) to his current position in February 2015 – and this in the midst of the huge, so-called ‘Car Wash’ corruption scandal, in which he is involved with bribes amounting to tens of millions of dollars allegedly from Petrobras. A similar parliamentary impeachment coup was carried out in Uruguay in 2012, removing President Fernando Lugo, by the same US instigators. The pattern is notorious.

The accusations – and proofs – against Eduardo Cunha, are disproportionally graver than the mild accusations of ‘administrative accounting’ manipulation that Dilma Rousseff is alleged having committed. Though there is no proof of this in the case of President Rousseff, every country and its neighbor does it. Among the worst offenders of this practice is the North American creation of NATO in Europe.

Please, Dilma, do not allow the oligarchs and latifundios to return and to run Brazil under the direction of Washington. Mr. Temer has already mentioned how, as new President, he would undo the social benefits and equality you and your predecessor have let Brazilians enjoy; he would return Brazil to the bankers, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, and of course to the IMF – back to the debt trap, call it the death knell.

Just look what is happening to your southern neighbor Argentina under the neoliberal, also Washington imposed Mauricio Macri, who is selling the country back to the debt czars, Wall Street, the FED and – of course – also the all commanding IMF. In his four months in government, he has already rolled back Argentina’s economy – some call it ‘fast-forwarded’ – to the levels of 2004 / 2005, with poverty levels at 34% by end of March 2016, up from about 12% last November. Unemployment and inflation are exploding after Macri terminated contracts of over 120,000 state employees, giving an example to private industry to do likewise. He also vowed more was to come.

On the day of his inauguration, 10 December, as he promised before, Macri set the peso afloat, triggering a devaluation of at one point close to 60% (from about 9.4 pesos to the US dollar in November 2015 to 15.8 pesos at the end of February 2016). It has since recovered slightly, hovering presently at around 14 pesos to the dollar (30% devaluation from pre-December 10 levels). The ensuing inflation is enormous, sinking already a vast segment of Argentinians into poverty. And this is only the beginning.

Brazil’s Attorney General, Eduardo Cardozo, declared the impeachment process against you, President Rousseff, illegal. He calls it an attempted ‘coup d’état’

This is done as an outright state delinquency, hardly evidenced anywhere in the world. The Brazilian coup executioners, puppets of the Washington masters, are crooks, with corruption trials around their necks. Yet they proceed, of course with the full in-country political support of the chief instigators sitting in and around the White House in Washington. The world is just a silent onlooker. The six Anglo-Saxon western media giants which literally control 90% of all the ‘news’ consumed by the west, make sure there is no mainstream paper or TV station that dares questioning this flagrantly illegal and anti-democratic process. – If it wasn’t such a horrendous fraud on the Brazilian people, it could be seen as a previously unheard-of laughable political soap opera.

You, Dilma, and Lula have liberated Brazil from western colonization – which was maintained by US-supported military dictatorships during the last century. Don’t let it go back. Defend your position; with force if it must be. I join my friend Andre Vltchek, when he calls on you to use muscle to counter this coup of the neo-oligarchs and latifundios, and protect Brazilians from another onslaught of neoliberal economic fascism

Ban all western mainstream media in Brazil! – This is not censuring ‘free expression’- this is stopping the lie propaganda machine against your government, against your achievements. Prevent the manipulation of people’s minds by the presstitute western communication systems. There is hardly anybody in the world who does not know that this so-called ‘information media’ has nothing to do any more with the old believe of the ‘right to free speech’ and ‘free expression’ as an essential virtue of democracy.

This type of democracy, the one that was thought out by Greek philosophers in Delphi some 2,500 years ago, doesn’t exist anymore. It was hijacked long ago, gradually, almost imperceptibly, by Washington and its allies and vassals. Now it’s a shell of propaganda; words that can be manipulated to fit any believe – and people at large still swallow it as ‘democracy’.

Bring the tanks to the streets, surrounding the ‘Palácio do Planalto’ – by no means for provoking violence, but for showing the President’s power to protect the people and the country from theft by the neo-fascists and foremost from the interests of Washington, who are behind this incredible spectacle of literally ordering and directing a bunch of crooks – criminal crooks that is – to take over Brazil and its riches, as proxies for US interests – and of course, to break apart the block of the BRICS countries that together with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) are seriously threating the western dollar-based casino system.

Brazil is rich alright, in natural resources, and so is Argentina, and so is Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia Ecuador – all of Latin America is rich in those resources the west covets for its lush standard of living and to feed its war machine – almost the only generator of GDP, plus consumption, of course; an endless and ever growing circle of armed conflicts and globe destructive consumption.

The Amazon and Guarani Basins

But what is the particular resource of which Brazil has arguably one of the largest reservoirs? Water. Fresh water. Water fit for drinking after relatively simple purification. The entire Amazon Basin, almost half of the country’s surface, is covered with a nearly endless stream of waterways. The FAO estimates that about 12% of the world’s surface fresh water is located in Brazil. This amounts to a total of about 8.2 billion cubic meters (BCM) per year, of renewable water, of which 6.3 BCM originate in Brazil. This corresponds to a per capita availability of more than 43,000 m3 per year, compared with the world average of about 8,200 m3. – In addition, Brazil counts with 112,000 km3 of good quality renewable groundwater.

Another little known, and especially little talked about fresh water groundwater reserve is the Guarani aquifer, named after the Guarani people. It covers 1.2 million km2 and lays beneath the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its water volume is estimated at 37,000 km3 (37 BCM), by far exceeding the surface water in Brazil. It is arguably the world’s largest single body of underground water, with an annual recharge rate of an estimated 170 km3 (The Great Artesian Basin in Australia, below 23% of the Continent’s surface, contains about 65,000 km3 (65 BCM) of fresh water, but is not comprised in a single aquifer and is vulnerable to cyclical droughts).

These enormous water reservoirs are invaluable. They far exceed already today the value of all the world’s known hydrocarbon deposits. In less than 20 years the earth is expected to suffer serious water shortages. Some areas have suffered from water scarcities already for years, and they are growing and expanding gradually to other regions of the globe.

Not because water is actually disappearing from the world’s ecosystems. Not at all. The total amount of water on Mother Earth is constant. But it is ever more contaminated by our consumption and greed driven industry. The powers that be, and responsible for most of the resources’ pollution, know about it, and are attempting to appropriate the still existing unspoiled waters to feed their elites, when We, the People, are perishing from lack of water and lack of food due to lack of water.

No wonder, the Unites States of Chaos and Greed has a vital but, of course, unspoken interest in these water resources, especially those in its southern ‘backyard’. One could revise Henry Kissinger’s infamous edict on controlling the world, ‘who controls the water controls the universe’.

Dear Dilma – please do not let go! – Do not allow the neo-fascist elite, driven by the northern empire take over your country, the country of Brazilians, and their invaluable resources – especially humanity’s lifeline – water.

Peter Koenig

Big Comet, Storm Watch Continues | S0 News May.1.2016

Big Comet, Storm Watch Continues | S0 News May.1.2016 - YouTube

Obama Skewers Presidential Candidates at White House Correspondent’s Dinner