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Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's Left Of Free Speech In Canada?_Dan Dicks of Press For Truth

▶ What's Left Of Free Speech In Canada? - YouTube



Mike King discusses Planet Rothschild & The Lie of Democracy on Red Ice Radio

▶ Mike King - Planet Rothschild & The Lie of Democracy - Hour 1 - YouTube


Mike King is a private investigative journalist and researcher based in
the New York City. A 1987 graduate of Rutgers University, King's
subsequent 27 year career in Marketing & Advertising has equipped
him with a unique perspective when it comes to understanding how "public
opinion" is scientifically manufactured. Mike has recently released
three new books: “Planet Rothschild,” “Mein Side of the Story” and
“Killing America.” Our discussion begins with the family the mainstream
media never mentions – the Rothschilds. Mike asserts that this powerful
Jewish banking dynasty has been at the core of the 250-year-old NWO
drama, with big government involved as their ultimate customer. We
speculate how and why the big shots behind this demagoguery are rarely
every touched by the media, and we also look at some major points in
history that solidified in their advancement, including the defeat of
the anti-usurer, Napoleon Bonaparte. Mike emphasizes the Marxist origins
of democracy, explaining that it was created as a tool of subversion
not included in the vision of the US’s founding fathers. We look at the
connections from Rothschild interests to the formation of Israel, to
globalist political players, and to the billionaire George Soros. Then,
we talk about why Greece has been completely sold out by the left, and
why Spain suddenly feels the need to apologize to the Jews for the 1492
Edict of Expulsion. In the members’ hour, we jump into the subject of
the escalating war on Whites that is infiltrating Western civilization.
We talk about the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
“fair housing” program that Obama is pushing on “too white” suburbs
across the country. We speculate about Donald Trump’s bid for presidency
in what appears to be another game of controlled opposition rigged to
keep hostile anti-White elites in control of the battleship. Further, we
get into the stripping away of America that is taking place at a
startling rate, from the symbolic destruction of Confederate monuments
and the banning of the Confederate flag to the rising threat of
“microaggression” by evil White people. At the end, we discuss the
disturbing exhibit honoring mass murderer Ghengis Kahn and “utterly
groundbreaking” mainstream media programming aimed at denigrating

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (7-29-15)

▶ Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (7-29-15) - YouTube



Yemen update 7\29\2015.. Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

Saudi warplanes bomb civilian areas in Yemen’s Dali’, Ma’rib, and Sa’ada provinces

UN Chief Calls for Unconditional Ceasefire in Yemen

Yemen: Explosion hits Ismaili mosque, IS claim responsibility *GRAPHIC*

Saudi policeman killed in attack in Eastern Province

Al-Wefaq slams Bahrain regime's ‘collective punishment’ in Sitra

Saudi Arabia denounces Iran’s “aggressive” statement against Bahrain

Ansarullah Wins Back Large Parts of Lahij

Ansarullah fighters scored major gains in their military campaign against the Al-Qaeda terrorists and the forces loyal to fugitive president Mansour Hadi in Lahij on Wednesday.

The popular forces, along with the army, seized control over a major portion of Lahij, mainly residential blocks after killing over 200 Al-Qaeda and pro-Hadi militias in the city during the week.

Lahij province has been a hotbed of fierce clashes between the Ansarullah and army troops and the Al-Qaeda and pro-Hadi joint forces in the last several weeks.

According to reports, most parts of the Yemeni city are under the control of Ansarullah now, although Saudi warplanes have pounded and flattened the city infrastructure and residential areas.

Residents of Lahij accuse Al-Qaeda and pro-Hadi militias of demolishing bakeries, drug stores, medical centers and hospitals and schools in the city.

The clashes between the Ansarullah fighters and the Saudi-backed al-Qaeda terrorists as well as the pro-Hadi militias continue in the Southern parts of the country as Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 126 days now to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 5,313 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Hadi stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by Ansarullah revolutionaries of the Houthi movement.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

The Ansarullah fighters and army troops have made major advances in their fight against the Saudi-backed al-Qaeda terrorists and forces loyal to fugitive former President Mansour Hadi across Yemen in recent weeks.

X22Report The Economic Indicators Are Flashing Red, We Are On A Verge Of A Collapse - Episode 729

The Economic Indicators Are Flashing Red, We Are On A Verge Of A Collapse - Episode 729 - YouTube


Check Out The New X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel –

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
Report date: 7.29.2015

party now rebelling against Tspiras. Greek parliament new report shows
Greece is headed into a depression. Layoffs continue, Chevron, Xerox and
others letting people go. Pending home sales implode as the housing
recovery collapses. Social Security Disability fund will run out of
money in 2016 and congress is going to hide this by combining SSD with
SS.White House rejects petition for Edward Snowden, once again
government does not care what people want. FBI wants social media to do
more to spy on the American people. UK planning to role 5000 soldiers to
control the masses. Kiev begs the US for lethal weapons. Turkey signs
deal with US to use their airbases to remove Assad. IS makes threats
against India to draw the US into war, translation: push the
Authorization for War through congress.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday July 29 2015

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday July 29 2015: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube


Ron Gibson

Ron Paul on How Endless Warfare Could Bankrupt America

Ron Paul on How Endless Warfare Could Bankrupt America - YouTube

Jesse Ventura On Why It’s Time to Free Chelsea Manning

▶ Jesse Ventura On Why It’s Time to Free Chelsea Manning | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV - YouTube

 In this all-new Off the Grid, Jesse Ventura discusses why it’s time to release Chelsea Manning. The transgender whistleblower formerly in the army as Private Bradley Manning, received a 35-year prison sentence for releasing hundreds of thousands of documents to WikiLeaks in 2010. The documents revealed the human cost of war and provided the American public with knowledge about some of the government’s most despicable and secretive acts.

Watching the Hawks [72] Turkey’s Kurdish Bombing Campaign & Gun Companies Bankrupting Shooting Victim Families

[72] Turkey’s Kurdish Bombing Campaign & Gun Companies Bankrupting Shooting Victim Families - YouTube

Varoufakis Sued for Alleged Treason While Syriza’s Left Platform is Accused of Conspiracy

▶ Varoufakis Sued for Alleged Treason While Syriza’s Left Platform is Accused of Conspiracy - YouTube


If Varoufakis Is Charged With Treason, Then Dijsselbloem Should Be As Well

In the aftermath of this weekend's infamous leak of Yanis Varoufakis audio recording with members of OMFIF in which the former finmin admitted to asset managers that in his tenure as a finmin he had engaged in preparations for a return to the Drachma, Greece has been gripped by a media frenzy debating whether Varoufakis will be charged with treason for daring to even contemplate how an exit from the EMU would take place.

To be sure, Varoufakis may have poured the initial gasoline on the fire when he admitted to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard shortly after the recording surfaced that "the context of all this is that they want to present me as a rogue finance minister, and have me indicted for treason. It is all part of an attempt to annul the first five months of this government and put it in the dustbin of history."

His concerns were certainly justified: yesterday Kathimerini reported that Greek Supreme Court prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani on Tuesday took two initiatives in the wake of revelations by former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis that he had planned a parallel banking system: she forwarded to Parliament two suits filed against the former minister last week by private citizens and she appointed a colleague to determine whether any non-political figures should face criminal charges in connection with the affair.

The legal suits were filed last week by Apostolos Gletsos, the mayor of Stylida in central Greece and head of the Teleia party, and Panayiotis Giannopoulos, a lawyer. Giannopoulos is suing Varoufakis for treason over his handling of talks with Greece’s creditors. Gletsos, for his part, accuses Varoufakis of exposing the Greek state to the risk of reprisals.

As there is a law protecting ministers, the judiciary cannot move directly against Varoufakis. It is up to Parliament to decide whether his immunity should be lifted so he can stand trial. The first step would be to set up an investigative committee.

A third suit was expected to go to Parliament after a group of five lawyers said they were seeking an investigation into whether any non-political figures should face criminal charges in connection with the Varoufakis affair. The charges would involve violation of privacy data, breach of duty, violation of currency laws and belonging to a criminal organization. It was the lawyers’ move that prompted Koutzamani to order an investigation.
 read it all here...If Varoufakis Is Charged With Treason, Then Dijsselbloem Should Be As Well

Al Etejah News 29/07/2015

▶ News 29/07/2015 - YouTube

Greek PM says may have to call early election; Greece Reverts To Barter

Greek PM says may have to call early election - YouTube

Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation

Months ago, when Alexis Tsipras, Yanis Varoufakis, and their Syriza compatriots had just swept to power behind an ambitious anti-austerity platform and bold promises about a brighter future for the beleaguered Greek state, we warned that Greece was one or two vacuous threats away from being "digitally bombed back to barter status."

Subsequently, the Greek economy began to deteriorate in the face of increasingly fraught negotiations between Athens and creditors, with Brussels blaming the economic slide on Syriza’s unwillingness to implement reforms, while analysts and commentators noted that relentless deposit flight and the weakened state of the Greek banking sector was contributing to a liquidity crisis and severe credit contraction.

As of May, 60 businesses were closed and 613 jobs were lost for each business day that the crisis persisted without a resolution.

On the heels of Tsipras’ referendum call and the imposition of capital controls, the bottom fell out completely as businesses found that supplier credit was increasingly difficult to come by, leaving Greeks to consider the possibility that the country would soon face a shortage of imported goods.

On Tuesday, we brought you the latest on the Greek economy when we noted that according to data presented at an extraordinary meeting of the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, retail sales have fallen 70%, while The Athens Medical Association recently warned that 7,500 doctors have left the country since 2010.

Now, the situation has gotten so bad that our prediction from February has come true. That is, Greece is reverting to a barter economy. Reuters has more:

Wild boar and power cuts were Greek cotton farmer Mimis Tsakanikas' biggest worries until a bank shutdown last month left him stranded without cash to pay suppliers, and his customers without money to pay him.

Squeezed on all sides, the 41-year-old farmer began informal bartering to get around the cash crunch. He now pays some of his workers in kind with his clover crop and exchanges equipment with other farmers instead of buying or renting machinery.

Tsakanikas is part of a growing barter economy that some Greeks deplore as a step backward from modernity, but others embrace as a practical means of short-term economic survival.

When he rented a field this month, he agreed to pay with part of his clover production.

"It's a nightmare. I owe many people money now - gas stations and firms that service machinery. I have to go to the bank every single day, and the money I can take out is not enough," said Tsakanikas, who also grows vegetables and corn on 148 acres (60 hectares) of farmland.

"I've begun bartering in some forms - it existed in the past but now it is growing... Times have become really tough, and friends and relatives help each other out."
So Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization and democratic governance, is now literally sliding backwards in history....more here Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation


U.S. Shoots Down Idea of Syria Safe Zone

» U.S. Shoots Down Idea of Syria Safe Zone Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

 U.S. Shoots Down Idea of Syria Safe Zone           

Days after the U.S. and Turkey announced a breakthrough deal to fight together against the Islamic State, U.S. officials are insisting that — contrary to reports — there are definitely no U.S. plans for a “safe zone” inside Syria. In fact, there really is no “zone,” and there is no plan to keep the area “safe.”

This confusion is a microcosm of the disorganized U.S. approach to the Islamic State threat since last summer. Each incremental escalation into which the U.S. gets dragged in Syria seems poorly thought out and even more poorly explained. Until the Barack Obama administration can reconcile the different objectives among the members of its anti-Islamic-State coalition, the various partners will continue to work at cross-purposes. In this case, for the U.S., the Islamic State is the one and only priority; for Turkey, the imperative is protecting civilians from Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime and eventually forcing its exit.

For the last week, various U.S. and Turkish officials have been contradicting each other in public and private over whether or not the White House agreed to a safe zone inside Syria, something it has long resisted. Major U.S. newspapers even published makeshift maps showing what the anti-Islamic-State safe zone would cover. But in a conference call with reporters Tuesday, three senior administration officials made it clear that there are no U.S. plans for a safe zone, a no-fly zone, an air-exclusionary zone, a humanitarian buffer zone or any other protected zone of any kind.

Read more

Canadian intelligence ran 'Terror Drills' in run up to Ottawa shooting

▶ CSIS Ran 'Terror Drills' In Run Up to Ottawa Shooting - YouTube


Brandon Martinez

A CBC journalist reports that in the run-up to the Ottawa shooting last
October, Canadian intelligence agencies had been running 'terror drills'
mimicking such events.

This clip was first discovered by Non-Aligned Media.

Has Missing MH370 Just Washed Up Near Madagascar?_Kev Baker

▶ WOW!! Has Missing MH370 Just Washed Up Near Madagascar? - YouTube


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Tune into The Kev Baker Show, Monday to Thursday on

...when the big fish turn each on other

Rob Kirby: We're Coming Into End Of Times! |

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Wednesday (7-29-15) Steve Quayle

Public More Outraged by Lion Death than Baby Mutilation

▶ Public More Outraged by Lion Death than Baby Mutilation - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (7-29-15) Steve Quayle

▶ Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (7-29-15) Steve Quayle - YouTube



On the Wednesday, July 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, the media
works liberals into a frenzy over the death of a lion in Zimbabwe, while
outrage over Planned Parenthood's reported sale of aborted fetal tissue
is still relatively tepid. Also, New Jersey Governor and Republican
presidential candidate Chris Christie vows to perpetuate the failed war
on drugs, and stay tuned for a special classic report from the Infowars
vault. On today's show, we'll check in with radio host and author Steve
Quayle discusses the fallout over the Planned Parenthood sting videos
and the overarching eugenics agenda behind it all. We'll also take your
calls on this worldwide transmission.
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EU: Ring of Rebellion

EU: Ring of Rebellion - YouTube

Wilhelm Langthaler a known Ausrtian politician speaks on Anti-euro and Anti-EU movements in Europe, Keinesian economic policy balance between politics and economics, position of smal countries and the Greek crisis