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Thursday, December 18, 2014

X22Report FBI Implicates North Korea In Sony Hack To Push Many Different Agendas - Episode 545

▶ FBI Implicates North Korea In Sony Hack To Push Many Different Agendas - Episode 545 - YouTube


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Report date: 12.18.2014

50,000 young people in UK are undocumented. Swiss central bank is
imposing negative interest rates. Jobless claims decrease across the
country after spiking 6% the month before. Housing crash is being blamed
on the declining price of oil. Baltic Dry Index declines again. China
might be positioning to bail out Russia. US hands over MH17 data but it
will be kept confidential. A Ukrainian soldier comes forward and reports
Ukraine shot down MH17. More troops heading to Iraq, bringing the total
to 5,100. Cyber Attack on Sony is being used to demonize, place
sanctions on North Korea. The other agenda is to get the Cyber Security
Bill, and the Cyber Attack Insurance passed.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (12-18-14)

Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (12-18-14) - YouTube


Bear Hunting ..IN THE NOW

Bear Hunting (S2E62) - YouTube

Daniel McAdams says 'US overlooks backlash that sanctions could have on its own economy'

'US overlooks backlash that sanctions could have on its own economy' - YouTube

Russia could soon be targeted by yet another round of U.S. sanctions. RT talks to Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Peace Institute.

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Thursday December 18 2014

▶ What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Thursday December 18 2014: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube

clif high warning of financial and winter crap storms just after the Solstice

Not only a 'shitstorm' for [financials] this year (2015), but also actual [storms]. The data sets, all 3/three types, are showing that following the [winter solstice] a period of [intense storming] is going to [propel winter] as a meme back into [public attention]. The [storming period] is indicated to continue well past the vernal equinox and to [finish] the 'season' with another round of [spectacular storms], as it started. Lots of [bookends (to nasty season)] language showing a [series] of [northern hemisphere] [winter storms] that will [launch (water carried) disapora] as well as [damage infrastructure]. This last is showing as having very large impact on Markets (see below). The [storm damage] is also indicated to [continue] late into the season in a manner not seen before. Further [southern hemisphere storming] will also be on-going and at an intensity [not reported (previously)]. This will apparently include lots of [lightning strikes] that are showing as being causes for [explosions], [distribution (systems) damage], and [fatalities]. (12/17/2014)
markets context updates:

Here are some key phrases read more about them here

[crash] in the [PGMs (platinum group metals)]

the price of [gold/silver] rise.

[new invention (from Russia/India)] [new energy/new electrics] device

Too BIG to Fail Bank a [giant (bail out/'gift')] from [Government US] a temporal marker

[international 'flight'] from the [dollar]

[cratering (of ) confidence] in the [Federal Reserve

[late night emergency meetings]

[head first (fall)].

The IM data is showing that the [Russian government] is just days away (from 12/17/2014) from [releasing (damning) information] about ???? GUS (gov't US), while simultaneously [pulling (contract) strings] to [affect/alter] the [global (cost) of (the) dollar]. (12/17/2014)

[2/two (reinsurance) companies] (related ones?) are to be [hit] by a [winter storm explosion] of [claims]

[3/three storms (on the planet)] in a temporal series (short breaks between)] as the [proximate cause] of the [insurance debacle]. Showing as being after the Winter Solstice. (12/17/2014)

[purge] a [weak area] of the [Russian financial infrastructure]

[blow-back/return (to cause problems)] to the [Federal Reserve dollar]. (12/17/2014)

Paul Sandhu and Jeff Nielson on Currency Wars, World War III and False flags in 2015

12_17_2014 / Jeff Nielson: Curreny Wars, World wars, and False flags in 2015? - YouTube

Historic Call to Action in Occupied Spokane

Historic Call to Action in Occupied Spokane, Wa. - YouTube


Infowars is on the scene in Spokane, Wa. where a protest is planned
for Saturday December 20, 2014 at the Spokane County Police Department
over comments that one of their officers made stating that the reason
the police have MRAP’s is for “Constitutionalists.”
The “Spokane Valley MRAP Protest” Facebook page states:

“Members of the community, military and law enforcement are
encouraged to join all of us who believe in our Constitution and
Constitutional Rights in a demonstration against militarization of law
enforcement. A Christmas tree will be erected where members of the
community may leave a wish list for an arms-length and impartial
Citizen’s use-of-force Review Committee, and in requesting the Sheriff
to immediately return the military vehicle back to its appropriate

Stay tuned to for up to the minute breaking news as
patriotic Americans shine a light on the expanding police state.



Police: Armored Military Vehicles Needed for ‘Constitutionalists’ with Firearms -



Spokane Deputy Promotes MRAP For Constitutionalists, Gun Owners: Full Clip -

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Podcast - Thursday (12-18-14) Full Show

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Podcast - Thursday (12-18-14) Full Show - YouTube



Keiser Report: Bubonic Plague of Finance (E694)

▶ Keiser Report: Bubonic Plague of Finance (E694) - YouTube

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the arrival of the ‘shakedown times’ as our deposits and pension funds are now open to confiscation to Too Big To Fail banks in ‘resolution’…something that used to be known as ‘bankruptcy.’ In the second half Max interviews Karl Denninger about the likely oil price collapse impact on credit markets and the “Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution”…say what? And, finally, the discuss the latest shenanigans from Jamie Dimon who lobbied to roll back certain Dodd Frank provisions regarding derivatives.

White House claims North Korea responsible for Sony hack..What They're Not Telling You

▶ Sony Hack: What They're Not Telling You - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Video - Thursday (12-18-14) Full Show

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Video - Thursday (12-18-14) Full Show - YouTube


SHOCKING! Victim Tells Sky News Of His Ordeal Of Being ABUSED BY MP's In London

▶ SHOCKING! Victim Tells Of His Ordeal Of Being ABUSED BY MP's In London - YouTube

A survivor of VIP sex abuse parties in the 1980s has revealed to Sky News the area of London where he says "part of him died".

'Michael' was abused growing up in care in North Wales but he and other children were also taken on a minibus for weekend trips to Pimlico in central London in the early 1980s.

Over two years ago Michael spoke exclusively to Sky News about the abuse and described how it felt like a "privilege" to be taken to London.

His life growing up in a brutal care home system meant that the trips to the capital were seen as exciting and that children used to fight for a seat on the minibus.

He was just 11 or 12 when he was taken there to be raped.

Kev Baker

Boston Marathon Suspect in Court

▶ Boston Marathon Suspect in Court - YouTube


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