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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Body of Press TV’s correspondent Serena Shim arrives in Lebanon

Body of Press TV’s correspondent Serena Shim arrives in Lebanon - YouTube


The body of Press TV correspondent Serena Shim who was killed in a car
crash in Turkey has returned to her children in her home country in

Ukaine Update & Ole Dammegard Exposes CDC Links to the NAZIS & The EBOLA BIOWEAPON_Kev Baker

Ukaine Update & Ole Dammegard Exposed CDC Links to the NAZIS & The EBOLA BIOWEAPON - YouTube

Syria News 21/10/2014 Nasrallah: USA has been using ISIS as a pretext to blackmail regional states

Syria News 21/10/2014, Foreign mercenaries eliminated in Der-Ezzor - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (10-21-14)

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (10-21-14) - YouTube


On The October 21, 2014 Broadcast Of
The Infowars Nightly News, Lee Ann McAdoo covers US airdrops
weapons...into ISIS hands. Obama’s Ebola Czar Thinks There’s Too Many
The CIA history of bioweapons. CEO oil giant dies in plane crash just
months after saying dollar unecessary. Feds crackdown on whistleblower
Karen Hudes. TPP guidelines will harm whistleblowers.

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Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Fearbola, Reigniting Roe v. Wade, #Newsfail & Torturing Folks Again?

[467] Fearbola, Reigniting Roe v. Wade, #Newsfail & Torturing Folks Again? - YouTube

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday October 21 2014

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday October 21 2014: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube

X22Report U.S. Is Now Directly Arming The Islamic State To Push The Agenda Of Removing Assad - Episode 498

U.S. Is Now Directly Arming The Islamic State To Push The Agenda Of Removing Assad - Episode 498 - YouTube


Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
More news visit
Report date: 10.21.2014

is now introducing a new austerity plan so each country can receive
more debt. McDonald's sales are down. Existing home sales pushed up by
condos and speculators. CEO of Total dies in plane crash, he mentioned
that oil does not need to be sold in dollars. Swedish banks start
enforcing FATCA rules.21 cities in US say its illegal to feed homeless.
Liberia sees the Ebola spreading slower. The U.S. enforces screening for
West African countries. Obama getting ready to push his EO for illegal
amnesty through right after the elections.Iran doesn't trust the US
coalition fighting the Islamic State. U.S. directly arming Islamic State
and sending humanitarian aid to them.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

  How to Start a War and Lose An Empire

  How to Start a War and Lose An Empire :  Information Clearing House - ICH

... So far, this all seems like typical economic warfare: the Americans want to get everything they want by printing money while bombing into submission or sanctioning anyone who disobeys them, while the rest of the world attempts to resist them. But early in 2014 the situation changed. There was a US-instigated coup in Kiev, and instead of rolling over and playing dead like they were supposed to, the Russians mounted a fast and brilliantly successful campaign to regain Crimea, then successfully checkmated the junta in Kiev, preventing it from consolidating control over the remaining former Ukrainian territory by letting volunteers, weapons, equipment and humanitarian aid enter—and hundreds of thousands of refugees exit—through the strictly notional Russian-Ukrainian border, all the while avoiding direct military confrontation with NATO. Seeing all of this happening on the nightly news has awakened the Russian population from its political slumber, making it sit up and pay attention, and sending Putin's approval rating through the roof.

The “optics” of all this, as they like to say at the White House, are rather ominous. We are coming up on the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II—a momentous occasion for Russians, who pride themselves on defeating Hitler almost single-handedly. At the same time, the US (Russia's self-appointed arch-enemy) has taken this opportunity to reawaken and feed the monster of Nazism right on Russia's border (inside Russia's borders, some Russians/Ukrainians would say). This, in turn, makes the Russians remember Russia's unique historical mission is among the nations of the world: it is to thwart all other nations' attempts at world domination, be it Napoleonic France or Hitleresque Germany or Obamaniac America. Every century or so some nation forgets its history lessons and attacks Russia. The result is always the same: lots of corpse-studded snowdrifts, and then Russian cavalry galloping into Paris, or Russian tanks rolling into Berlin. Who knows how it will end this time around? Perhaps it will involve polite, well-armed men in green uniforms without insignia patrolling the streets of Brussels and Washington, DC. Only time will tell.

You'd think that Obama has already overplayed his hand, and should behave accordingly. His popularity at home is roughly the inverse of Putin's, which is to say, Obama is still more popular than Ebola, but not by much. He can't get anything at all done, no matter how pointless or futile, and his efforts to date, at home and abroad, have been pretty much a disaster. So what does this social worker turned national mascot decide to do? Well, the way the Russians see it, he has decided to declare war on Russia! In case you missed it, look up his speech before the UN General Assembly. It's up on the White House web site. He placed Russia directly between Ebola and ISIS among the three topmost threats facing the world. Through Russian eyes his speech reads as a declaration of war.

It's a new, mixed-mode sort of war. It's not a total war to the death, although the US is being rather incautious by the old Cold War standards in avoiding a nuclear confrontation. It's an information war—based on lies and unjust vilification; it's a financial and economic war—using sanctions; it's a political war—featuring violent overthrow of elected governments and support for hostile regimes on Russia's borders; and it's a military war—using ineffectual but nevertheless insulting moves such as stationing a handful of US troops in Estonia. And the goals of this war are clear: it is to undermine Russia economically, destroy it politically, dismember it geographically, and turn it into a pliant vassal state that furnishes natural resources to the West practically free of charge (with a few hand-outs to a handful of Russian oligarchs and criminal thugs who play ball). But it doesn't look like any of that is going to happen because, you see, a lot of Russians actually get all that, and will choose leaders who will not win any popularity contests in the West but who will lead them to victory.

Given the realization that the US and Russia are, like it or not, in a state of war, no matter how opaque or muddled, people in Russia are trying to understand why this is and what it means. Obviously, the US has seen Russia as the enemy since about the time of the Revolution of 1917, if not earlier. For example, it is known that after the end of World War II America's military planners were thinking of launching a nuclear strike against the USSR, and the only thing that held them back was the fact that they didn't have enough bombs, meaning that Russia would have taken over all of Europe before the effects of the nuclear strikes could have deterred them from doing so (Russia had no nuclear weapons at the time, but lots of conventional forces right in the heart of Europe).

But why has war been declared now, and why was it declared by this social worker turned national misleader? Some keen observers mentioned his slogan “the audacity of hope,” and ventured to guess that this sort of “audaciousness” (which in Russian sounds a lot like “folly”) might be a key part of his character which makes him want to be the leader of the universe, like Napoleon or Hitler. Others looked up the campaign gibberish from his first presidential election (which got silly young Americans so fired up) and discovered that he had nice things to say about various cold warriors. Do you think Obama might perhaps be a scholar of history and a shrewd geopolitician in his own right? (That question usually gets a laugh, because most people know that he is just a chucklehead and repeats whatever his advisers tell him to say.) Hugo Chavez once called him “a hostage in the White House,” and he wasn't too far off. So, why are his advisers so eager to go to war with Russia, right now, this year?

Is it because the US is collapsing more rapidly than most people can imagine? This line of reasoning goes like this: the American scheme of world domination through military aggression and unlimited money-printing is failing before our eyes. The public has no interest in any more “boots on the ground,” bombing campaigns do nothing to reign in militants that Americans themselves helped organize and equip, dollar hegemony is slipping away with each passing day, and the Federal Reserve is fresh out of magic bullets and faces a choice between crashing the stock market and crashing the bond market. In order to stop, or at least forestall this downward slide into financial/economic/political oblivion, the US must move quickly to undermine every competing economy in the world through whatever means it has left at its disposal, be it a bombing campaign, a revolution or a pandemic (although this last one can be a bit hard to keep under control). Russia is an obvious target, because it is the only country in the world that has had the gumption to actually show international leadership in confronting the US and wrestling it down; therefore, Russia must be punished first, to keep the others in line........more

Ayatollah Khamenei saysTehran does not trust countries claiming to be fighting ISIL

Ayat. Khamenei: Tehran does not trust countries claiming to be fighting ISIL - YouTube

The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the current situation in the region including Iraq is the result of irresponsible policies of certain countries in Syria.

Iraqi army general killed in US drone strike

Iraqi army general killed in US drone strike - YouTube

An American drone has mistakenly targeted an Iraqi army patrol, killing at least eight soldiers and an army general. Iraqi politicians have condemned the incident, warning the US against the consequences of such operations. Rahshan Saglam reports from Baghdad.

Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Tuesday (10-21-14) “Freeway” Rick Ross & Joel Gilbert

Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Tuesday (10-21-14) “Freeway” Rick Ross & Joel Gilbert - YouTube



Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (10-21-14) “Freeway” Rick Ross & Joel Gilbert

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (10-21-14) “Freeway” Rick Ross & Joel Gilbert - YouTube


ConspiracyScopeOn the Tuesday, October 21 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Jones
breaks down how Obama's new “Ebola czar” Ron Klain is another
enthusiastic advocate of population control who thinks there are too
many people in Africa. Jones also discusses studies by U.S. Army
scientists that found Ebola can spread by air in cold, dry weather
common to the U.S. On today's show, Alex welcomes former drug kingpin
“Freeway” Rick Ross, whose cocaine sources were revealed to have
connections to the CIA in an expose by journalist Gary Webb. Also today,
Jones also invites documentary filmmaker and There's No Place Like
Utopia director Joel Gilbert to discuss how Obama's progressive
transformation of America could lead to something far worse than Utopia.

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The Human and Inhuman Response to Ebola's Menace

Cuba's President Castro attends the opening  ceremony of the ALBA-TCP Extraordinary Ebola summit in HavanaThe Human and Inhuman Response to Ebola's Menace_LaRouche PAC

The responses, including by nations, to the escalating outbreak of the devastating Ebola Virus Disease in Africa, can be sharply divided between the human — expressing solidarity and scientific commitment in the face of this existential threat — and the inhuman, seeking to deny it and lull people into a state in which they will be killed by it.

Cuban President Raul Castro gave an extraordinary call for global action at a Latin American health officials' meeting yesterday. He went beyond the doctors Cuba has sent and is sending to Africa, to begin organizing a medical shield for the Caribbean nations including Haiti, and issued a highly specified call for global coordinated action involving every nation according to its abilities, to fight back what, with inaction, can become a deadly world pandemic. Castro said Cuba was ready to coordinate with the United States on this mission. At the same time Dr. Michael Osterholm, working with an international medical charity plan for an Ebola vaccine "Manhattan Project," called on governments to order 500,000,000 (five-hundred million) vaccine doses in advance, to make sure that this happens.

These are in the spirit of Helga Zepp-LaRouche's keynote to the Schiller Institute 30th Anniversary Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, evoking "a new era of mankind" a spirit marked by economic development "for the benefit of the other," and not by geopolitics; a spirit marked by the new "BRICS dynamic" of which she spoke. This conference gathered institutional figures from around the world, and most notably from China.

At the same time, LaRouche PAC across the United States is mass-distributing an action-call leaflet on Ebola, "Don't Let Obama's Lies about Ebola Kill You," yesterday at events from an Ebola forum in Washington to a Bill Clinton political rally in Louisiana. Diane Sare, in the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee discussion yesterday, graphically demonstrated just how easily health-care personnel could be killed by Ebola by following the lax "protocols" of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The inhuman response came from Dr. Anthony Fauci, at the top the nation's infectious disease experts, saying that he "could not say anything [about Ebola] without clearing it with the White House," after telling the American people, "Don't worry about it." From former Obama official Cass Sunstein, editorializing that Ebola is less threatening than traffic accidents, and the press should stop writing about it.

And from Obama, who has done nothing and requested nothing from Congress to fight Ebola, though he was so quick to request $1 billion last month to — train jihadis in Saudi Arabia to fight other jihadis.

"Obama's becoming a dictator!" exclaimed economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche when briefed on Fauci's admission that he couldn't speak freely. Obama is also a British puppet who can be impeached, and must be impeached, if the U.S. and the world is to survive him.

From Israel to the Islamic State Canada’s ‘Orwellian’ Foreign Policy

It’s getting difficult to remember a time when the Canadian Parliament actually tried to make principled decisions regarding foreign policy and our place in the community of nations. But we should try. Perhaps a first step in returning to such a time was the decision of the NDP and Liberal Party to oppose Stephen Harper’s most recent ill-considered and cynical march to war with his decision to join the bombing of Iraq.

Harper’s amoral political calculations about who and when to bomb people has little to do with any genuine consideration of the geopolitical situation or what role Canada might usefully play — or even in what Canada’s “interests” are. So long as he is prime minister it will be the same: every calculation will be made with the single-minded goal of staying in power long enough to dismantle the post-war activist state. The nurturing of his core constituency includes appeals to a thinly disguised pseudo-crusade against Islamic infidels, a phony appeal to national security (preceded by fear-mongering) and in the case of Ukraine, a crude appeal to ethnic votes.

Reinforcing this legacy is a mainstream media that lets him get away with it, and in particular, refuses to do its homework while the bombing — or posturing — is taking place and then refuses to expose the negative consequences of the reckless adventures. The result is what cultural critic Henry Giroux calls “the fog of historical and social amnesia.”

The three most obvious examples are Harper’s extremist policy in support of Israel, his joining with France and the U.S. in the catastrophic destruction of the Libyan state and his infantile posturing on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. And now we have Harper’s mini-crusade (six fighter bombers for six months) against ISIS or the Islamic State. With rare exceptions the media has gone along with him at every turn, treating Canadians as children incapable of navigating the nuances of foreign policy.

Regarding Israel, Harper, with widespread support in the media, has gone so far as to try to establish criticism of Israel as a kind of Orwellian “thought crime.” By declaring repeatedly (and even threatening supportive legislation) that criticism of Israel was anti-Semitic, Harper hoped to establish what Orwell referred to as “protective stupidity” — a kind of mass denial of the obvious. Freud referred to it as “knowing with not knowing” and when it comes to most of Canada’s military adventures, it is epidemic.

In Afghanistan the war went for so long that the facts eventually broke through the protective stupidity, but only partially. Even with the total failure of the mission to accomplish a single worthwhile goal, it is likely that most Canadians still see it as having been a “good war.”

Everyone who reads the news or watches it on television knows that Libya is now a failed state, swarming with literally scores of heavily armed and murderous Islamist militias, and facing an almost total collapse of central government authority and public services (formerly the best in Africa). Life in Libya is ten times more insecure and dangerous now than it ever was under the “madman” Gadhafi. Yet we choose not to know what we know.

This was supposed to be a humanitarian mission — the much-touted “duty to protect” principle in action. The catastrophe of the failure soon spread of course to Mali and elsewhere as Gadhafi’s carefully constructed balancing of competing tribal interests collapsed. In the ensuing chaos massive supplies of weapons seized by the “democratic forces” were distributed to lunatic militias (including the ISIS) across the Middle East. But still there are no mea culpas, no accountability, and no price to pay for the misery created. The cheerleading pundits have gone silent as if they had never written a word in support of the war. Planned amnesia.

As Giroux puts it: “Neoliberal authoritarianism has changed the language of politics and everyday life through a poisonous public pedagogy that turns reason on its head and normalizes a culture of fear, war and exploitation.”

Harper’s response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been similar: a maximum of infantile, simplistic sabre rattling rhetoric with an absolute minimum of reflection on the historical context or even the immediate facts of the situation. This is foreign policy for the willingly — if not willfully — ignorant. We are encouraged — or perhaps enlisted is a better word — to treat facts and history with a disdain bordering on contempt. Facts, context, history and thoughtful anticipation of the consequences of our actions — all of this is for sissies and Putin apologists. The nay-sayers are all Neville Chamberlain clones.

The fact that the boys with their military toys in NATO have been provoking Russia for 20 years, encircling it with hostile regimes aligned with members of this military alliance, promising to put missiles on its border, breaking promise after promise made in agreements with Russia — it’s all irrelevant. So is the fact that the “revolution” in Kyiv — don’t dare call it a coup, the thought police will knock on your door — was promoted with millions of American “democracy” dollars.

And the fact that the movement was hijacked by neo-Nazis? Just an inconvenient detail to be assigned to the amnesia machine. And the consequences? Just how is driving Russia away from integration with Europe (which it had been seeking throughout Putin’s reign) and into the arms of the imperial Chinese in Canada’s interests? The $400-billion natural gas deal Putin signed with China — accelerated and made a certainty by NATO’s aggression — will likely kill B.C.’s dream of billions in LNG investment (a silver lining in my view but hardly a smart move for an “energy superpower”).

All of this is swept aside when foreign policy is decided in a kindergarten class instead of a graduate class. But there will be no lasting consequences for governments — Harper’s or anyone else’s. The structure of protective stupidity is in place and without a radical change in consciousness the current political consensus will prevail. All will be forgotten.

Which brings us to the Islamic State. Here, too, the conventional approach to making intelligent foreign policy is cast aside on the basis of reacting to a handful of Westerners being beheaded (as happens on a regular basis already to citizens of Saudi Arabia). Can it be possible that our policy making has been reduced to this level of drunken barroom reaction? We know that the ISIS did this precisely to provoke a Western military response. But “we don’t know.” We prefer denial and the simplistic — the notion that we can correct 25 years of imperial hubris, ignorance and gross incompetence by Western powers by bombing our own creation.

Ooops, sorry for introducing a fact here — a bad habit. The West fostered these murderous madmen decades ago when the U.S. funded, armed and advised the nascent mujahedeen to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. They are now a permanent feature of the Middle East and beyond, an evolving monster the U.S. Department of Defense and CIA lost control of a long time ago. Yet politicians like Obama and Harper think we can correct it with bombs. Ironically after decades of treating their citizens like children, our governments are reduced to behaving like them.

 Russia is not the Aggressor

Keiser Report: Apocalypse Now (E669)

Keiser Report: Apocalypse Now (E669) - YouTube

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the horror, the horror of the apocalyptic scenes that central bankers have wrought upon the innocent and the deranged alike. This apocalyptic aftermath of meeting the Colonely Kurtz like central bankers is an economy in which the under-30s are left behind and the pauperization of workers through inflation. They also look at the testimony in the lawsuit by Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg in which it was revealed that then Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson lied to Congress! In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of about how democracy has been vaporised in the UK and the result is the falling wages which have led to protests in the streets of London.

Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time? _Paul Craig Roberts

» Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

UPDATE: As I read this notice from, a service of the US National Institutes of Health, the US Government and Pharmaceutical corporations have been conducting ebola tests on humans.

This is official confirmation of Dr. Boyle and Dr. Broderick’s reports that the US government has conducted ebola experiments. Perhaps the vaccine was not effective, and those on whom the experiment was conducted came down with ebola and perhaps also employees in the US bio-warfare laboratories located in Africa where the experiment was conducted.

It appears that the test consists of giving an ebola vaccine and then exposing the unaware person to ebola, apparently an engineered version for bio-warfare. Whatever the tests are, it is clear that Boyle and Broderick in their articles below are correct that experimentation with ebola by the US government is underway.

Two Scientists Say Ebola Originated In US Bio-warfare Lab

Experts have brought to the public’s attention that ebola is a genetically modified organism developed in US biowarfare laboratories in Africa.

In the two articles below reproduced from Tom Feeley’s Information Clearing House

(a good site worthy of your support), Dr. Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois and

Dr. Cyril Broderick of the University of Liberia and the University of Delaware provide their fact-based assessments. Dr. Boyle drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the US implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

For speaking out, both Boyle and Broderick will be viciously attacked by the US print and TV media. Remember the case of Gary Webb who exposed the CIA’s drug-running that supported the Contras in Nicaragua. The cocaine that launched the War on Drugs was brought in by the CIA.

These are the URLs for the articles by Dr. Boyle and Dr. Broderick:

See also:

US Bio-warfare Laboratories in West Africa Are The Origins Of The Ebola Epidemic

Professor Francis A. Boyle interviewed by Aggeliki Dimopoulou

Could Ebola Have Escaped From US Bio-warfare Labs? American law professor Francis A. Boyle, answers questions for and reveals that USA have been using West Africa as an offshore to circumvent the Convention on Biological Weapons and do bio-warfare work.

Is Ebola just a result of health crisis in Africa – because of the large gaps in personnel, equipment and medicines – as some experts suggest?

That isn’t true at all. This is just propaganda being put out by everyone. It seems to me, that what we are dealing with here is a biological warfare work that was conducted at the bio-warfare laboratories set up by the USA on the west coast of Africa. And if you look at a map produced by the Center of Disease Control you can see where these laboratories are located. And they are across the heart of Ebola epidemic, at the west coast of Africa. So, I think these laboratories, one or more of them, are the origins of the Ebola epidemic.

US government agencies are supposed to do defensive biological warfare research in these labs. Is there any information about what are they working on?

Well, that’s what they tell you. But if you study what the CDC and the Pentagon do… They say it is defensive, but this is just for public relation purposes than anything. It’s a trick. What it means is what they decide at these bio-warfare labs. They say, “well we have to develop a vaccine”, so that’s their defensive argument. Then what they do is to develop the bio-warfare agent itself. Usually by means of DNA genetic engineering. And then they say, “well to get the vaccine we have to develop the bio-warfare agent” – usually by DNA genetic engineering – and then they try to work on the vaccine. So it’s two uses type of work. I haven’t read all these bio-warfare contracts but that’s typical of the way the Pentagon CDC has been doing this since at least the 1980’s. I have absolute proof from a Pentagon document that the Center of Disease Control was doing bio-warfare work for the Pentagon in Sierra Leone, the heart of the outbreak, as early as 1988. And indeed it was probably before then because they would have had to construct the lab and that would have taken some time. So we know that Fort Detrick and the Center for Disease Control are over there, Tulane University, which is a well-known bio-warfare center here in USA – I would say notorious for it – is there. They all have been over there.

In addition, USA government made sure that Liberia, a former colony of the USA, never became a party to the Biological Weapons Convention, so they were able to do bio – warfare work over there – going back to 1980’s – the USA government, in order to circumvent the Biological Weapons Convention. Likewise, Guinea the third state affected here – and there is an increase now – didn’t even sign the Biological Weapons Convention. So, it seems to me, that the different agencies of the US government have been always there try to circumvent the Biological Weapons Convention and engage bio-warfare work. Indeed, we had one of these two lab bio-warriors admit in the NY Times that they were not over there for the purpose of either screening or treating people. That’s not what these labs are about. These labs are there in my opinion to do bio-warfare work for different agencies of the US government. Indeed, many of them were set up by USAID. And everyone knows that USAID is penetrated all up and down by the CIA and CIA has been involved in bio-warfare work as well.

Are we being told the truth about Ebola? Is that big outbreak began all of a sudden? How does it spread so quickly?

The whole outbreak that we see in the west coast of Africa, this is Zaire/Ebola. The most dangerous of five subtypes of Ebola. Zaire/Ebola originated 3500 km from the west coast of Africa. There is absolutely no way that it could have been transmitted 3500 km. And if you read the recently published Harvard study on the DNA analysis of the west Africas’ Zaire/Ebola there is no explanation about how the virus moved there. And indeed, it’s been reported in the NY Times that the Zaire/Ebola was found there in 1976, and then WHO ordered to be set to Porton Down in Britain, which is the British equivalent to Fort Detrick, where they manufacture all the biological weapons for Britain. And then Britain sent it to the US Center for Disease Control. And we know for a fact that the Center for Disease Control has been involved in biological warfare work. And then it appears, at least from whatever I’ve been able to put together in a public record, that the CDC and several others US bio-warriors exported Zaire/Ebola to west Africa, to their labs there, where they were doing bio-warfare work on it. So, I believe this is the origins of the Zaire/Ebola pandemic we are seeing now in west Africa.

Why would they do that?

Ebola _ corbettreport

▶ Ebola - YouTube

Siding Spring Updates, 5 M Flares | S0 News October 21, 2014

Siding Spring Updates, 5 M Flares | S0 News October 21, 2014 - YouTube

28 pages that could change the Middle East_Kevin Barrett

PressTV - 28 pages that could change the Middle East

George W. Bush, the former president of the United States

By Kevin Barrett
2002, George W. Bush’s Zionist speechwriter David Frum coined the term
“axis of evil” – and applied it to Iraq, Iran, and North Korea.

But today, if we were to nominate two Middle Eastern countries and
one non-Middle Eastern country as the real axis of evil, it would be
Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Those three countries have been
spreading violence and destabilization throughout the Middle East and

Unlike Frum’s trio, the Zio-Saudi-American axis really is an axis. And unlike Frum’s trio, it is genuinely evil.

Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA created ISIL. Israel, with help from
the Americans and the Saudis, is committing genocide in Palestine.
Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA are promoting sectarian tension and
violence throughout the Islamic world. And they are collaborating to
pillage the region’s resources.

What would it take to stop this axis of evil?

Perhaps the declassification of 28 pages of the 2002 US Senate Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11?

President George W. Bush slapped a “top secret” stamp on those pages.
Senators and congressmen who have seen the redacted 28 pages say they
implicate one or more governments in the 9/11 attacks.

Rep. Steven Lynch (D-MA) says that they show 9/11 was perpetrated in
collaboration with “other governments” and “government agencies.”

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) says: “If the 9/11 hijackers had outside
help – particularly from one or more foreign governments – the press and
the public have a right to know what our government has or has not done
to bring justice to the perpetrators.”

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) says: “I went into the soundproof, secret
room here in Congress and read those 28 pages. And it was a really
disturbing event for me to read those. I had to stop every two or three
pages and rearrange my perception of history. And it’s that fundamental —
those 28 pages.... It certainly changes your view of the Middle East...
We need to declassify those 28 pages.... the American people deserve to
know what happened and what led up to 9/11 so that we can prevent the
next one.”

Which foreign governments (and American “agencies”) perpetrated the 9/11 attacks?

It is no secret that Israel – and the ruling family of Saudi Arabia – benefitted from 9/11.

In late August 2001, just before the attack on the World Trade Center
and the Pentagon, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah wrote to President Bush
saying “a time comes when peoples and nations part... it is time for the
United States and Saudi Arabia to look at their separate interests.
Those governments that don’t feel the pulse of the people and respond to
it will suffer the fate of the Shah of Iran.”

Crown Prince Abdullah knew that “the pulse of the people” in the
Middle East was fed up with America’s support of Israeli genocide – and
Saudi Arabia’s alliance with America and Israel. The Ibn Saud family, he
knew, was about to go the way of the Shah of Iran... unless something
momentous happened.

9/11 was the momentous event that kept the Ibn Saud family in power,
and Saudi Arabia in the American-Zionist orbit. Immediately after 9/11,
US puppet forces in Saudi Arabia labeled those pressing for change
“terrorists” and crushed their efforts to free Saudi Arabia from US
domination. Then-Saudi-intelligence-chief Turki Bin Faisal (who had
resigned on 9/11), Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Saud al-Kabir, and Prince
Sultan bin Faisal bin Turki al-Saud all died within a few days of each
other after allegedly being implicated in 9/11 by captured mentally
retarded “terrorist” Abu Zubaydah.

The US-blackmailed Saudi royals told their restive people that since
15 of the 19 alleged 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, the Americans might
bomb or invade unless Saudi Arabia agreed to remain under US authority
and follow instructions. Indeed, Bush probably issued a threat to bomb
Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age, just as he threatened Pakistan.
According to The Guardian: “The Bush administration threatened to bomb
Pakistan ‘back to the stone age’ after the September 11 attacks if the
country did not cooperate with America’s war on Afghanistan...”

Just as 9/11 saved the Saudi royals and their US client state, it
also saved Israel. As Netanyahu crowed that 9/11 was “very good,” and
Ariel Sharon bragged “we Jews control America,” Israel’s rabid Likud
government crushed the Palestinian intifada with heretofore-unthinkable

9/11 also saved Israel from bankruptcy. In her book The Shock
Doctrine, Naomi Klein wrote that Israel “was hit harder by the dot-com
crash than anywhere else. The country went into immediate free-fall, and
by June 2001, analysts were predicting that roughly three hundred
high-tech Israeli firms would go bankrupt.”

Showing apparent foreknowledge of 9/11, the Israeli government
responded by hiking military spending 10.7 percent and (according to
Klein) “encouraged the tech industry to branch out from information and
communication technologies and into security and surveillance... A slew
of new start-ups were launched, specializing in everything from ‘search
and nail’ data mining, to surveillance cameras, to terrorist profiling.
When the market for these services and devices exploded in the years
after September 11, the Israeli state openly embraced a new economic

While saving Israel’s economy and enabling it to crush the
Palestinians and assassinate Arafat, 9/11 also brought to fruition Oded
Yinon’s plan, repackaged as Netanyahu’s “Clean Break” document in 1996,
to have the US military smash Israel’s enemies into pieces. Iraq, Libya,
Syria, Sudan and Somalia have all been massively damaged or destroyed.
Lebanon was wrested from Syria and handed to Israel (only to regain its
independence thanks to Hezbollah). Only one country on the neocons’ hit
list of “seven countries in five years” has been too strong to attack:

Today, Iran and its regional allies vaunt their vision of a future
Middle East “without America and Israel.” They know that if the US stops
propping up Tel Aviv and Riyadh, those two neanderthal regimes will
collapse into the proverbial dustbin of history... and the Middle East
will finally win its independence.

If the 28 pages of the 2002 US Senate Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11
are declassified, the American people will learn that America’s Middle
Eastern “allies” – in collaboration with American traitors – perpetrated
the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that killed
almost 3000 Americans in a single morning. If that happens, the US
relationship with Saudi Arabia and Israel will implode at free-fall
speed. A new, independent, prosperous Middle East, free of Israeli
genocide and Saudi barbarity, will be born.

Congressional bill HR 428 would force the declassification of the momentous 28 pages. To date the bill has 17 sponsors.

To urge America’s congressional representatives to support HR 428,
and thereby re-open the issue of what really happened on 9/11, visit

Iraqi PM in Tehran for crisis talks on ISIL

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